Meet The LLLamas

Meet The Llamas
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This is the sly way to say pussy without being crude or using proper term such vagina. It is taken because the shape of an actual llama's mouth is similar to one of a female southern lips.

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In addition, they both spit. Savage www.

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Meet The Llamas. A little introduction to some of the characters in our herd. The Boys! Please note: When booking a trek, specific llamas may not be available to. by Charlotte Wheatley | Feb 7, | Meet The Llamas, Other boys. Diego is a new arrival, he joined us in January at 6 years old. Diego is a little shy of.

Let me pet your llama! You know her llama has been around the block , no The cutest animal ever that is very similar to an alpaca. I fangirled when I saw a llama , no jokes. Phonetic ebonic predecessor of "n00b" or "noob": lamer, lamah , lammah When slang on the Internet was influenced by ebonics to change "er" endings of words to an "ah" sound.

The popular insult "lamer" became "lamah," which is both awkward looking and phonetically pre-existing in English as "llama.

Meet the Llamas

Adjective: "llama" - Lame. This club is llama. Verb - Not used: "Chad has become llama" would be spoken only by a llama. Meaning gun or weapon. I was able to sneak my llama into the club.

Bagian 2: Llama Pak Tani [The Farmer's Llamas Part 2] - Shaun the Sheep

The single greatest animal in the history of Earth. Bahama Llama loves lounging and sipping tropical punch.

Meet the Llamas | Shaun the Sheep

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Meet the Llamas In a secret village in Peru, a group of llamas came together under one common goal - to express their individuality.

Bahama Llama Always relaxed, Bahama Llama is on permanent vacation. Drama Llama Save the drama for this llama!

Meet the Llamas!

Drama Llama loves to be in the middle of all the gossip! She knows all the details about all the llama drama. He is quite clumsy and always on the mend, but he sure keeps his spirits up. You will never go hungry when Deli Llama pulls up in the deli trailer! Dolly Llama Dolly Llama is a down-to-earth country girl. She loves an audience and will perform her little heart out just to make you smile. This llama is full of high-flying maneuvers, expert acrobatic umbles, hard strikes, and more!

Fairy Llama This adorable little llama loves to flutter around sprinkling happy dust on everyone. No matter what happens, she is always cheerful and spreading joy. Dreamy Llama Dreamy Llama lives in her pajamas.