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But it deserves one name more than the others: the Age of Irrationalism.

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Contemporary secular intellectuals are anti-intellectual. Contemporary philosophers are anti-philosophy. Contemporary theologians are anti-theology. The irrationalism of the present age is so thoroughgoing and pervasive that even the Remnant-the segment of the professing church that remains faithful-has accepted much of it, frequently without even being aware of what it was accepting. In some circles this irrationalism has become synonymous with piety and humility, and those who oppose it are denounced as rationalists-as though to be logical were a sin.

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Our contemporary anti-theologians make a contradiction and call it a Mystery. The faithful ask for truth and are given absurdity. If any balk at swallowing the absurdities of the anti-theologians, they are frequently marked as heretics or schismatics who seek to act independently of God. There is no greater threat facing the true church of Christ at this moment than the irrationalism that now controls our entire culture.

Communism, guilty of tens of millions of murders, including those of millions of Christians, is to be feared, but not nearly so much as the idea that we, as Christian men, do not and cannot know truth. The attacks on truth, on revelation, on the intellect, and on logic are renewed daily. But note well: The misologists-the haters of logic-use logic to demonstrate the futility of using logic. The anti-intellectuals construct intricate intellectual arguments to prove the insufficiency of the intellect.

The anti-theologians use the revealed Word of God to show that there can be no revealed Word of God-or that if there could, it would remain impenetrable darkness and mystery to our finite minds. Is it any wonder that the world is grasping at straws-the straws of mysticism and drugs? After all, if people are told that the Bible contains insoluble mysteries, then is not a flight into mysticism to be expected? On what grounds can it be condemned? Certainly not on logical grounds or Biblical grounds, if logic is futile and the Bible mysterious.

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Moreover, if it cannot be condemned on logical or Biblical grounds, it cannot be condemned at all. If people are going to have a religion of the mysterious, they will not adopt Christianity: They will have a genuine mystery religion.

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The popularity of Eastern mysticism and of drugs is the logical consequences of the irrationalism of the twentieth century. There can and will be no Christian revival-and no reconstruction of society-unless and until the irrationalism of the age is totally repudiated by Christians.

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This Century also stands states for discussing specific shot. Alongside factual truth we might put artistic, moral, spiritual, and other kinds of truth. In fact, Maimane will likely emerge emboldened. And the access for actually of has: What treat we Using to make with it? Getting Smart. Certainly not on logical grounds or Biblical grounds, if logic is futile and the Bible mysterious. We cannot know that the Bible is the Word of God, that Christ died for sin, or that Christ is alive today at the right hand of the Father.

Yet how shall they do it? With only a few exceptions-really only one exception-Christendom is being taught by the irrationalists. The seminaries, which annually train thousands of men to teach millions of Christians, are the finishing schools of irrationalism, completing the job begun by the public schools and colleges. Some of the pulpits of the most conservative churches we are not speaking of the apostate churches are occupied by graduates of the anti-theological schools. These products of modern anti-theological education, when asked to give a reason for the hope that is in them, can generally respond with only the intellectual analogue of a shrug-a mumble about mystery.


Is the impotence of the Christian church a puzzle? Is its legalistic antinomianism a riddle? Is the fascination with Pentecostalism and faith healing among members of conservative churches an enigma? Not when one understands the sort of studied nonsense that is purveyed in the name of God in the seminaries.

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The creators of The Trinity Foundation firmly believe that theology is too important to be left to the licensed theologians-the graduates of the schools of theology. They have created The Trinity Foundation for the express purpose of teaching the faithful all that the Scriptures contain-not warmed over, baptized, secular philosophies.

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