Wildlife Guardian: Stories of a Pennsylvania Game Warden

Wildlife Guardian: Stories of a Pennsylvania Game Warden
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If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5. Rob is a very talented and skilled story teller. He also penned a weekly outdoor newspaper column for fifteen years and hosted his own popular outdoor talk-radio program for eight years. Homewood and G. Similar ebooks.

Comprarlo desde Mercadolibre. Si usted ordena este producto ahora y si nosotros podemos confirmar la orden hoy mismo, entre el y el el producto estara en nuestro deposito en Argentina. Formas de Pago. Metodos de Envio. Join him as he patrols four hundred square miles of rural mountain terrain in search of some of the most unpredictable--and interesting--characters you'll ever meet.

Wasserman relates the dangers of his job with pulse-pounding clarity. He is a wonderful storyteller. His crisp use of dialog makes his characters come alive in every page. Wildlife Guardian contains seven of his best tales to date. In Footsteps in the Dark a goat is killed in a remote forest by some unknown beast.

Wasserman knows that a mountain lion has been reported in the area. At first, he disbelieves the claim.

Carol has lived in the Southwest since and has worked on a variety of issues here including land use and wilderness designation. Carol is an avid backpacker, hiker, and runner, which she does with her dog Paz whenever possible. During this time, he served as a statehouse lobbyist for the Sierra Club to advance clean energy legislation, and he also provided technical support for a range of clients. Before moving to Ohio, Adam spent 15 years in the Northern Rockies, where he focused on protecting and restoring national forest lands.

Adam earned a M. Samantha joined WildEarth Guardians in after working as a staff attorney for Advocates for the West and a stint as a solo practitioner specializing in public interest environmental law. She focuses on curtailing fossil fuel development on public lands and protecting air quality. Samantha spent 17 years as an archaeologist in the public and private sectors before attending law school which led to her interest in advocating for and effecting protection of natural and cultural resources.

On a fateful vacation in September , she fell in love with Portland it must have been all the wild mushrooms growing near Mt. Hood , and three years later finally fulfilled her dream of moving to the Pacific Northwest. Outside of work, Sara can be found hiking, running, cooking, writing and playing music, and devouring the local food scene. Southern Rockies Wildlife Advocate Chris grew up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from which he developed a rudimentary, but deep appreciation for natural beauty and ecological function. He earned a B. After earning an M.

Thrilled to return to the high desert landscapes of his upbringing and to help protect the resilient wildlife of the area, he joined WildEarth Guardians in as the Southern Rockies Wildlife Advocate. The entirety of her professional career has been focused on social and environmental justice.

Originally from Philadelphia, Rebecca feels blessed to call the Southwest her home. Rebecca has an indefatigable passion for this work and brings a wealth of experience to our organization. Daniel Timmons Staff Attorney Daniel Timmons joined WildEarth Guardians as a staff attorney in , where his work focuses on halting fossil fuel development on public lands and protecting the imperiled wild rivers of the Southwest.

Marlies has over a decade of experience using her technical, policy and public involvement skills to address watershed and water quality challenges throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has analyzed environmental conditions and developed numerous shoreline, watershed and water quality plans for local and state jurisdictions. Elias National Park. Mimsi has a B.

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Mimsi was Associate Director of Development for the D. Following that she owned and operated a gallery of international crafts. Mimsi spends summers in Frisco hiking, biking, gardening, painting and expanding her repertoire of vegan recipes. She serves on the board of CO-Force Coloradans for Fair Rates and Clean Energy , a non-profit that promotes renewable energy and works to end the use of fossil fuels.

Prior to attending college, David spent summers traveling the United States to study the geology of National Parks during summer field study trips led by his father, an adjunct professor of geology for a local college. His passion for protected spaces and wilderness led him to earn a B. A with an emphasis in public lands protection from Cornell University. During summers between college semesters, David worked as a Park Ranger Naturalist at Rocky Mountain and Grand Teton National Parks, where he shared his passion for natural history with countless visitors exploring Rocky Mountain landscapes.

Wildlife Guardian: Stories of a Pennsylvania Game Warden [William Wasserman] (Tapa Blanda)

After completing graduate school, David worked for the National Parks Conservation Association and The Wilderness Society before becoming a partner in an education consulting firm. David lives in Durango, Colorado where he finds peace in the mountains and forests of the San Juan Mountains. Cathy Bailey Secretary, Board of Directors Cathy works with young people to connect them with wild places. She is an outdoor and environmental educator of distinction. For over 25 years she has been a classroom teacher. Her students participate in citizen science programs where their research informs habitat management.

Each year she spends weeks leading students into wilderness. Cathy has also worked extensively as a lay leader within the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande with youth programs, capital fundraising, and social justice and inclusivity issues. He has practiced criminal defense law in New Mexico since A former Federal and State Public Defender, as well as an Assistant Attorney General, since Peter has worked in private practice defending complex criminal cases in both Federal and State courts.

He also regularly represents Native Americans charged with illegal possession of feathers in connection with their religious practices. He is an avid rafter, hiker, skier and cyclist. After early years spent in a range of of outdoor environments in the east and west, Anne developed a passion for high altitude. Anne then co-managed Adventure 16 in West LA, a 10, square-foot outdoor retail store.

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Then, for seven years she served as an editorial adviser and opinion columnist at the Boulder Daily Camera, where her writing explored Colorado energy policy and informed Boulder voters through three elections leading to the city's decision to separate legally from Xcel Energy. She comes to Guardians also having served on the board of Clean Energy Action, a non-profit dedicated to educating elected officials, regulators, and the public on the risks of our nation relying so heavily on the faltering coal industry.

He grew exploring the outdoor environments in New Mexico, Colorado, and Pakistan. He still loves to explore mountains, rivers and deserts by boat, ski, foot, and bicycle.

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He and his wife actively support and partner with several local farmers in farm-to-table, farm-to-beer mug, and farm-to-wineglass projects. At home on the bank of the Rio Grande in Los Ranchos, NM, he dabbles in native plant landscaping and tries to co-exist with the coyote, geese, beaver, and sandhill cranes who live in his back yard. Gay Dillingham Member, Board of Directors Gay has consistently juggled her passions for the environment, public policy and communication to deepen our human experience and success while on this marvelous planet.

Earthstone is an environmental Intellectual Property IP company manufacturing recycled glass into an engineered "white foam glass" for surface abrasion, non-toxic cleaning technologies, agriculture products and building materials. The EIB is responsible for environmental management and consumer protection for the state. She Chaired the Board for six years managing the passage of many important regulations including green house gas reduction regulations.

Dillingham has traveled to North Korea twice: with Governor Bill Richardson as an energy advisor and in as one of 30 international women delegates www. Prior to moving into private practice, Melissa worked as a staff attorney for WildEarth Guardians from — Since then, she served for six years on the board of directors for the Southern Plains Land Trust. She is a wildlife enthusiast and all around animal lover. She also serves as pro bono counsel for the board of directors of High Country News.

An advocate since the 70s, she received her degree in Environmental Studies taught by some of the big thinkers of the time such as Paul Ehrlich, Stewart Brand, Dr. Richard Leakey, Alan Chadwick, and Dr. Utilizing that education, coupled with commitment and inspiration, Rebecca started taking actions from working in one of the first solar energy homes to working on ballot measures for better public transportation systems in the Bay Area.

In the meantime, she married Mitch Mandich and has two grown children, Matthew and Madeleine, and various dogs and cats have graced their lives. Having traveled extensively, her favorite escape is camping in our national parks and on public monuments and lands, where she has experienced all manner of wildlife and wild places. She became acquainted with WildEarth Guardians about six years ago when she read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about their lawsuit against U. Fish and Wildlife services regarding wolves. She sent them a letter and a fast friendship formed over their mutual love of all things wild.

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A deep political will and an openness to examine new ideas dictate her thinking. She feels that embracing environmental changes through engagement, both politically and through grassroots efforts, are paramount for the evolution of a responsible species to continue the ride on, what she affectionately refers to as, Spaceship Earth. Martinez has practiced law in Santa Fe since She focuses her practice in the areas of civil rights, general civil litigation, and family law.

He is the only board member who is a native New Mexican and brings this unique perspective to the deliberations of the board. His love of nature began early in his life with frequent trips to New Mexico and southern Colorado forests and streams, backpacking and fly-fishing with his family.


Voyages to the Gila and Pecos made a lasting impression on young Bill leading to the desire to preserve wilderness areas in as pristine a state as possible. He went to college at Stanford university, majoring in biology and chemistry. While there he became involved in outdoor biological research. One summer was spent just outside Yosemite studying chipmunks. The next year he was involved in the student lead Mono Lake study evaluating the effects of water diversions by Los Angeles on the ecology of the lake. The results of this study are still in evidence today with the maintenance of water levels in the lake high enough to preserve the breeding islands of gulls.

Currently he works as a general surgeon in Albuquerque, in private practice since but also involved in teaching residents and medical students from UNM. He continues to have a love for the outdoors and spends time outside hiking, cycling, backpacking, bird watching,skiing,gardening and fly-fishing.

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Danni Gardner Restoration Financial Administrator Danni moved from Wisconsin to New Mexico 10 years ago where she continued raising her son and daughter. Fallout is a story about hardened poachers who will stop at nothing to shoot a deer. They've been at it for years because everyone is afraid to act. It takes a strong woman and her teenage daughter to finally bring the men to justice.

Excerpts from Wildlife Guardian:I wondered if it was sizing me up at this very moment, its powerful body adjusting, muscles taut and ready. The notion made my heart hammer so loud I could hear it. And I was certain that whatever was out there could too She took a long pull on her cigarette. Thought about the revolver hidden in her bedroom. A single woman. Three armed men outside. It would be self-defense The suspect had turned around and was boring toward us at a deadly pace.

I switched on my revolving red light, thinking it might stop him.

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But the lunatic truck shot by my vehicle, taking my side mirror with it