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The three years they spent at the rented Hosmer Cottage were described as idyllic. By , the Alcott family moved, along with six other members of the Consociate Family,to the Utopian Fruitlands community for a brief interval in After the collapse of the Utopian Fruitlands, they moved on to rented rooms and finally, with Abigail May Alcott's inheritance and financial help from Emerson, they purchased a homestead in Concord. They moved into the home they named "Hillside" on April 1, Raised by her transcendentalist parents, she grew up among many of the well-known intellectuals of the day such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau.

Little Women is loosely based on Alcott's childhood experiences with her three sisters. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Daisy's Aunt Wee helps her recover from a long illness by rousing her to hunt for fairies. This collection of eight fantasy stories and four poems for children sound the themes of duty, independence, helping others, and overcoming prejudice. Product Details About the Author.

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About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Having established their name as the leading publisher of classic literature and art, Delphi Classics produce publications that are View Product. Eight Cousins: Illustrated. Eight Cousins was published by Louisa May Alcott.

It is the story of Rose Campbell, It is the story of Rose Campbell, a lonely and sickly girl who has been recently orphaned and must now reside with her maiden great aunts, the matriarchs of her wealthy Boston It is the story of Rose Campbell, a lonely and sickly girl who has been recently orphaned and must now reside with her maiden great Having established their name as the leading publisher of classic literature and art, Delphi Classics Jack and Jill: With Illustrations. The story of two good friends named Jack and Janey, Jack and Jill tells of the aftermath of a serious sledding Little Women: Illustrated.

Zoe A man named Abraham visits India on the hunt for a special child. He finds a young Zoe and she greets Abraham as an old friend and hints that she knew he was coming, implying some sort of psychic ability. It is also stated at this time that Zoe has never spoken or even heard English before, but when she meets Abraham, she speaks it fluently. In present times, Zoe looks to join the cheerleading squad at MGA.

A flashback to her earlier life reveals that Zoe used to be on a cheerleading squad at her old school with a close friend. During a practice, a teacher reprimands Zoe's friend for not completing her homework and instructs her to drop it off before 5. Later, Zoe is leaving practice when she finds the teacher apparently attempting to rape her friend. She rushes to her aid, hitting the teacher on the head in with a book, causing him to fall and strike his head on the edge of a desk, killing him.

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Her friend then confesses that they were really lovers and they were merely "playing. Back in the present, Zoe heads to the midnight initiation ceremony for the squad, where through a series of questions she has to answer truthfully, she confesses that she killed the teacher and destroyed the body. She also reveals that when she was very young, she saw her father kill her mother. However, she refuses to answer a third question, "Who is David? The head cheerleader reports back to Daramount this information.

As the cheerleader leaves, a figure stalks her and stabs her. The killer is revealed to be Zoe. Hunter A young Hunter, running late in meeting his father, is saved from an oncoming truck by Abraham. He gives Hunter a watch so that he can keep track of time. Back in present day, Hunter asks Casey out on a picnic date, and after some hesitation, she accepts. Excited, Hunter dances through the halls and bumps into an Australian student, Chad, knocking his books askew. Chad seems not to mind and tells Hunter to just pay attention next time. Hunter dresses for his date and asks Jun to please remind him when to leave.

A flashback reveals that for important appointments, Hunter is always late because he cannot hear the alarms he sets and the clock always reads Hunter heads for his date and is jumped by Chad who apparently is now angry about the earlier altercation. Hunter pleads with Jun who is passing by for help, but Jun screams at Hunter, "What did you just call me?! Jun, Chad and another boy tie Hunter up, pull a hood over his face, and drag him to the greenhouse. Hunter awakens to hear his assailants being stabbed. Meanwhile, Casey has arrived by the tree for her date with Hunter, but leaves after waiting for him until the sun sets.

Jun finds, unties, and explains to Hunter that it was his brother who attacked him. While the boys are getting ready, their mother mentions to Daramount that Hisao and Jun were born 30 minutes apart unlike what their birth certificates report. Daramount proclaims that they now can only take Hisao. Their mother argues that she will not let them split up the brothers. Jun runs downstairs to see that Daramount has ordered Gribbs to strangle their mother. She orders Gribbs to ignore Jun and grab Hisao. Jun runs upstairs and switches shirts with Hisao so that he can take his place.

They take Jun unknowingly and light the house on fire. Abraham arrives and helps Hisao escape from the burning home. Prior to the events of issue 3, Jun confronts Hisao. Jun has been brainwashed and no longer loves his brother and actually thinks he is Hisao. Hisao tries to convince his brother that he is here to save him, but this only angers Jun.

Gribbs arrives, and breaks up the two brothers. Jade Jade dreams of a destroyed city, a laboratory, her mother's death and a French aristocrat. Casey wakes her for school, and when Hunter tries to explain to Casey why he was late for their date, but she says that with the current state of affairs, she doesn't think they should go out. Jade and Casey head to class, where the teacher lectures on how to make a hangman's noose and asks the class if anyone can demonstrate how to use one.

Jade volunteers and hangs herself. Jade is transported to a room where the older Jade is waiting for her. They discuss Casey, Hunter, Ike and Jade's dreams. The older Jade instructs her not to tell anyone what she saw, except for the shooting stars overhead. Jade awakens in the infirmary and tells Nine that all she saw were silver streaks in the sky.

Ike A year previously Ike sits over a dead man bleeding on the floor. Abraham tells Ike that he needs to leave and to follow the plan. In the present, Gribbs approaches Ike with a proposition. Ike will be set free from the Academy if Ike kills someone for him. Ike ponders the offer, but decides to decline because he has no desire to be set free. However, Daramount convinces him to reconsider by seducing him.

Morning Glory Vines. Variegated Ground Cover and Climbing Type.

Gribbs leads Ike down to the basement to the man he must kill, revealed to be Abraham. Ike greets him, acknowledging him as his father. Casey receives a letter from Miss Hodge and, with Jade, frantically tries to find Hunter. However, they are interrupted by the announcement of "Woodrun", a sort of scavenger hunt in the woods around the school. Students are sorted into teams of three with Ike joining Casey and Jade. Hunter is sorted into a group with Zoe, who is angry at him for his hurtful comments to her, and a distracted seeming Jun.

As the students begin Woodrun, Casey leads her team to a hidden cave where they find Miss Hodge waiting. Miss Hodge explains that she is going to help Casey escape, but that the process may not go entirely right because Hunter was supposed to be there. While Ike and Jade watch, she and Casey go sit in a pair of seats below them and watch shadows cast on a wall. Eventually, they disappear.

Casey discovers that she and Miss Hodge have been sent into her own past, to when she was a child and her father was the military commander of a mysterious base. Captured by the military, Miss Hodge breaks them out by hypnotizing the guards, something she also instructs Casey on how to do. While Hodge returns to Morning Glory Academy, Casey is left to wait until she can try and save her fellow students. A flashback shows the childhood of Miss Hodge and Miss Daramount. Their initially loving relationship as children turns sour when Hodge becomes their father's apparent favorite.

Morning Glories

One night, a student from Morning Glory Academy awakens the young Lara Hodge and takes her to the cave in the woods. The student, Vanessa, says that Miss Hodge has sent her from the future where Hodge is the student's ally against the Academy leadership. However, the young Miss Hodge murders Vanessa and offers her up as proof of loyalty to her father.

As the first students arrive at Morning Glory Academy, Miss Hodge explains to her governess that while Miss Daramount, who has been selected to run the school, will be hated by the students, she will control them through love.

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Mar 1, "Fable is Love's world, his home, his birthplace. Delightedly dwells he 'mong fays and talismans. And spirits: and delightedly believes. Divinities. Morning-Glories book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due t.

In the present, Daramount emerges from a meeting with the Headmaster where she told him she had lost the students covered in vicious cuts. Hodge looks after her and she explains to her sister that she has weakened the rebellious students by tricking Casey into abandoning them. Irina, the girl who shot Zoe and leader of the Truants, grazes Hunter to stop him fleeing. She introduces him to Vanessa and Ian, who are reunited with Hisao and Guillaume moments later.

Irina initially berates Guillaume for leaving his post but he explains that Jun's presence will affect their plan. Hisao reveals his true identity to Hunter and asks him to trust the others.

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The Truants were initially sent to the Academy from Abraham's camp to infiltrate and acquire information but Irina, believing that taking down the man who built the Academy would help save the world, attempts to kill the Headmaster. Her attempt is unsuccessful and alerts the faculty that Abraham has betrayed them. In retaliation, Daramount burned his camp to the ground and captured him. Learning of his imprisonment, the Truants formulated a plan to rescue him.

Irina explains that they must make it to a tower on the Academy grounds to enact their plan, with Guillaume mentioning that they caused the students and faculty to be separated by changing their position in time. Although confused and sceptical, Hunter follows them and the group eventually arrives at the tower. Inside, Jun is preparing a ritual but, Irina kills him, saying a sacrifice is needed. Enraged, Hisao shouts at Hunter to run as Irina prepares to shoot him. Vanessa diverts the shot allowing him to escape where he is rescued by the older Jade.

Hisao, who was knocked unconscious, it taken out of the tower by the Truants. When he wakes, he demands answers. Irina tells him a sacrifice was demanded for their plan to work but Guillaume reveals to the others that she was never planning to rescue Abraham and is instead planning to kill his son. Hisao abandons the group and returns to the ruins to comfort his dying brother.

Inside, he runs into Fortunato, another Truant, carrying Akiko who had attempted to stop Irina's plan by offering herself as the sacrifice to David. Ike and Jade leave the cave and are apprehended by Gribbs who interrogates them over the missing students. Gribbs then threatens Jade's life if Ike does not agree to kill his father.

Flashbacks reveal Ike and Abraham's difficult relationship, with Abraham constantly absent due to work commitments. At one point, young Ike dreams about Abraham rescuing Hisao from the fire and burns down his bedroom in the hope it would make his father come home. As he grows up, the rift between the two becomes larger, with Ike's behaviour getting more and more out of control. One night, Ike comes home to find Abraham drunk and discovers a photograph of him with the Truants at his camp, as well as his will.

Finding that Abraham is leaving him nothing, Ike stabs his father to death. In the present, Ike agrees to kill him if Jade's life is spared but, after stealing a gun, he kills Gribbs and turns the gun on Jade, threatening to kill her if Abraham does not explain how he is still alive.

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Abraham warns Ike that Irina is coming to kill him. In the past, time-displaced Casey has a dinner with Abraham but rejects his advances before heading to her hotel and opening the bag Hodge gave her. Inside are instructions telling her what to do next. Casey dyes her hair black and dresses like Daramount, getting a job as "Ms. Clarkson", a physics teacher so that she can teach the younger version of herself and encourage her to apply to Morning Glory Academy in the first place.

She eventually falls in love with Tom, a history teacher at the school. At the parent-teacher conference, Casey as Clarkson attempts to convince her mother to let Casey apply to the Academy. She refuses and Casey is forced to hypnotize her mother into allowing it. Hodge arrives moments later and makes a joke. Enraged about having to force her own mother to do something that ultimately gets both of her parents killed, as well as numerous other things she has had to do in the twelve years since she was sent back in time, Casey berates Hodge, who reassures her that her actions will save her parents and warns her it is almost time to return to the present.

That night, Casey leaves a note to Tom and gets in her car but is involved in an accident and taken to hospital. Hodge carries Daramount to the entrance of the cave to wait for Casey to emerge. When she does, she hits Hodge in the face and, although Daramount is sceptical that Casey can help them, Hodge tells her she already has helped them, revealing that all of the missing students have returned. Hodge takes Casey to the basement where a large Cylinder is being held.

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Casey says she has dreamed of the Cylinder every night since she was sent back in time and knows what to do to put things right. At a standoff, Abraham attempts to reason with Irina and Jade who has grabbed Ike's gun after he was knocked unconscious. Irina berates Abraham for being weak but he remains confident that the other Truants will not let her murder Ike.

Jade calls the guards, saying Irina killed Gribbs but Irina compels them to follow her and orders for Jade, Ike and Abraham to be taken outside. Daramount demands to know where Irina is but the other Truants cannot give her an answer. Vanessa explains that she told them nothing other than that she wanted to kill the son of Abraham. Irina then arrives outside with her three hostages and a group of guards. She announces to the students that Ike is the cause of their suffering and that killing him will put everything right.

Older Jade explains what is going on to Hunter using a chess analogy. If a player suddenly jumps their bishop to the other side of the board and the other player has to allow it, they are not playing chess anymore. Then, if they return the bishop to its original location, the game has effectively been reset but the rules have changed. Jade reasons that this is what has happened to everyone at the Academy. She leads him to Casey and Hodge, telling him to be there for her. Casey touches the Cylinder and sets everyone to how they were before, causing Irina to lose her hypnosis abilities.

Daramount then has the Truants arrested. Abraham is gone but he will return to them as they still have Ike. When Casey wakes up, Hunter asks what happened to her and she says she doesn't remember. While the other Truants sit in cells, Irina wakes up in a small house and is greeted by Mr N, a member of the faculty who doesn't spent a lot of time at the Academy.

He informs her that the Headmaster had suggested that she needs a more "individualized curriculum". He encourages her to relive her past in the Ukraine with her abusive mother who once paid for armed men to rape and kill her, challenging young Irina to murder them before they could. She reinforced the idea that love is weakness and attacked her daughter with a knife, forcing Irina to kill her. Unsure of what to do next, young Irina is approached by Clarkson, who says she has been looking for her.

Mr N questions Irina about some insults she made to Daramount regarding her mother, revealing that they have the same one, although N believes it unlikely that Daramount is aware that she has another half-sister. Hunter heads to the library to try and make sense of what he saw when he was with the older Jade. Miss Dagney holds a memorial for the dead students.

Afterwards, Hunter goes into the woods and stands by the spot where Zoe was killed. He tells her that she wasn't mentioned in the memorial and that he doesn't know what the Academy did with her body but expresses remorse over not being able to talk her out of her murderous rage. He is interrupted by Esi, a member of the school's secret A. She takes him to meet Hannah and Andres, the two other members. The A. Club is planning to expose the Academy's true nature using a secret newspaper but that only certain people whose "eyes have been opened" will be able to read it.

Hunter mentions that he was not able to read his file when Hodge showed him it but Esi counters, saying that he was able to read their recruitment poster, suggesting that time-travelling with Jade had opened his eyes. The Club state that Hodge's ability means she will be dangerous. Hannah tells Hunter that before she died, Maggie encouraged them to seek him out. Vanessa is in a different cell to the other Truants and can only talk to the person in the adjoining cell through a small hole. Hodge opens the door, saying she managed to convince the Headmaster to free her, something she has also secured for Guillaume, Ian and Fortunato.

Vanessa is sceptical and believes Hodge is luring her into a trap but Hodge takes her to a small shrine. She explains that the shrine is similar to the cave and the tower and will enable them to travel back to the night before Vanessa's boyfriend Brendan was killed during the Truants plan to rescue Abraham. Hodge allows Vanessa to say goodbye to Brendan on the condition that she repay the favour, with a brief flashback suggesting this favour is going back to see a young Hodge and being killed. Hodge then heads to the other cell, which is revealed to be occupied by an older Vanessa.

Guillaume is the second Truant to be released. He is assigned to the same room as Ike, Hunter and Hisao. He attempts to speak to Hisao but is ignored.

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Hanging on the wall it will create the air of lightness. Casey says she has dreamed of the Cylinder every night since she was sent back in time and knows what to do to put things right. Believing the target to be Clarkson, Irina agrees and the two transport to Marrakech, where N's target is revealed to be Zoe. After coming to, Ike asks Dagney who wrote the books and she tells him that he is the author. Hunter is sorted into a group with Zoe, who is angry at him for his hurtful comments to her, and a distracted seeming Jun. Before she hits her again, Hodge offers her a way to bring her parents back. Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

He later finds Hisao in the gym and attempts to apologize for what happened at the tower, telling him he would never allowed Irina to go through with her plan if he knew her sacrifice was Jun. Hisao refuses to talk so Guillaume challenges him to a boxing match. Flashbacks reveal that Hisao contacted Hodge after the destruction of Abraham's camp and informs her that the Academy has taken the wrong brother.

Hodge tells him she can get him admitted to the Academy but that they cannot release Jun. Hisao writes a letter to Guillaume, declaring his love. As their fight intensifies, Guillaume tells Hisao how he never would have harmed Jun by choice because, even though he knew it wasn't Hisao, Jun would remind him of his first love and gave him hope that they would be together again. Hisao then admits to Guillaume that he is actually Jun and that, as his brother was comforting him before he died, Hisao begged to change places and, as a result, he was sacrificed instead of Jun and the two brothers switched bodies.

In a flashback, Clarkson interrupts a group of human traffickers in Portugal and kills them in order to rescue their captive, Fortunato. Daramount, who had arranged the kidnapping, arrives moments later to take him away but Clarkson hypnotises her to forget they were there. In the present, Daramount enters Fortunato's cell and complains about how Hodge's releasing of the Truants undermines her authority and makes her look weak to the students and faculty.

Morning-glories and other stories

She then announces that she has overruled her sister when it comes to Fortunato, who will be made an example of. She proceeds to brutally mutilate him before gouging out his eyes with her fingers. Ian is the final Truant to be released. He reunites with the rest of the A. Club and informs them that he overheard from his cell that some important people were being brought to the Academy under heavy guard.

They observe the Academy's delivery point and see Daramount escorting Ian's father and Vanessa's mother. Flashbacks show that Ian was raised in a scientific facility as part of a longitudinal experiment by his father. Clarkson arrives to collect him but asks which child she is taking, as the room is full of identical children.

Still in a coma after offering herself as the sacrifice, Akiko dreams of being collected by Clarkson and taken to Abraham's camp, talking older Jade, questioning Ian about why he hasn't visited her and watching her own father's suicide. She then visits Fortunato and comforts him in his cell. The Academy announces that two popular extra-curricular events: towerball and the science fair, are to be reinstated following their postponing after the Truant's attempted coup.

Casey visits Hodge and asks whether what she did in the past was successful and demands to know if her parents are alive. Hodge expresses bemusement that she can't remember her time as Clarkson but says that everything she went through was necessary to prepare her to take the next step in their plan. The student government has also been reinstated and Hodge tells Casey that she must run against Isabel, Casey's rival from her high school who she discovers was planted there alongside Clarkson to make her apply to the Academy.

Isabel has ran unopposed for years, even being elected in the two years she was undercover in Casey's school. Casey initially refuses to take part in anymore of Hodge's games but Hodge tells her that the Class President is the only student who is allowed to meet the Headmaster. Miss Dagney introduced Vanessa's mother and Ian's father as guest teachers to help the students with their projects for the science fair.

Vanessa is overjoyed to be reunited with her mother, although Daramount insists they be separated while Ian seems less thrilled about seeing his father again. The first edition of the A. Club's newspaper is released and is a huge success although the Club struggle to think of ideas for the next issue. Hunter says he overheard some guards talking about where they are holding Fortunato but Ian is convinced the guards are leaking the information deliberately so that those in charge of the newspaper can be apprehended.

Ian visits Fortunato and expresses his anger that Akiko chose him before declaring his intention to kill Fortunato at a later date. Flashbacks show that, after leaving Abraham's camp, Guillaume was placed with a foster family who were charged with raising him until he was old enough to infiltrate the Academy. He confides in his foster-sister about his love for Hisao and dreams about their time together.

In the present, Guillaume is called into Gribbs' office. He states that, before he takes a sabbatical from the Academy to pursue Abraham, he has decided to make Guillaume captain of the blue towerball team as punishment for his actions aiding Irina. Hunter is confused about why this angers Guillaume but Andres explains that each season, the red team always wins regardless of how well the blue team play or the calibre of the players because the Headmaster has decided that the reds will always win.

Guillaume meets with Jun and informs him that their plan has worked. At selection, Guillaume chooses Jun as part of his team, with the intention that they will lead the blue team to victory, undermining the Headmaster and proving to the other students that his word is not infallible.