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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Saint Monolith by Tom Reinhart. In the United States, a violent crime occurs every 26 seconds. Police officers take an oath to protect and to serve, but the laws they uphold bind their own hands. Justice is blind, so evil perseveres.

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Mason Stone is a decorated war hero, and a respected S. He believes society has evolved, but hum In the United States, a violent crime occurs every 26 seconds. He believes society has evolved, but humans have not. He is a demon to some, a saint to others, and a savior to all. A thriller. A love story.

A lesson for us all about the human condition. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

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Can you zoom in on that? In case of an issue, if you do not contact the support service of your hub as indicated in the Kickstarter updates within 3 months after the end of the shipping period, we can not guarantee a positive answer to your support or refund requests. I think 'time' gave me mine, because as I grew as a martial artist, so did my rather brutal despatch of fellow competitors. I guess you never really know what to expect from a book and it's always amazing when a book really surprises you and touches some nerves. The start of the shipping date will be announced in a Kickstarter update. Aug 10, Mabus rated it it was amazing Shelves: great-books , best-thriller-books.

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More filters. Sort order. Feb 26, John Hennessy rated it it was amazing. Very interesting and thought provoking book. Full review to come, but like most good books Tom Reinhart - he is one to watch! I've been editing a book so what's new but nursing a bad eye infection. I hope you accept my apology in advance - this review is about Tom Reinhart's novel Sa Very interesting and thought provoking book. I hope you accept my apology in advance - this review is about Tom Reinhart's novel Saint Monolith but it will include things about my three books to date.

You'll see the relevance when you read it, I hope. I was very fortunate and utterly delighted to win a giveaway of this and another Tom Reinhart novel, Hegemonian, which I reviewed here and I really like that Tom personally signed both copies. Cheers Tom!

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Saint Monolith book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the United States, a violent crime occurs every 26 seconds. Polic. Saint Monolith. likes. The official page of the Mason Stone series of books by Tom Reinhart. Learn more at

To the story then. Mason Stone is our hero - I think! He has the usual 'man' thoughts If you read it like that, you'd be forgiven for thinking Mason to be rather one-dimensional. Not a bit of it. He is a multi-layered character who you root for when he is dealing out his very personal killing statements, because those at the end of his gun generally are unpleasant characters.

In another way, you think 'okay Mason, that's enough now pal! Mason generally feels no remorse for the men he deals with, and perhaps we'd be the same, as they are the very gutter of society. However, it seems that no matter how many get 'Mason'ed', he never feels at peace. He is fighting his own inner demons and it is this regard I felt I could relate to the character. In his psychiatric sessions he reveals being bullied at school I was a quiet, gentle, reflective soul at school, and other kids picked up on this, and would attack me for it.

Sure, I could take a hit, but couldn't bear to dish it out. I soon learned, however, that this was the only way to deal with it Mason's issue, if it can be kept to just one, is that he lacks any control. As Mason retorts:- 'I couldn't really ask him if one shot was enough, Steve. It was him or me.

I think 'time' gave me mine, because as I grew as a martial artist, so did my rather brutal despatch of fellow competitors. They would turn up for a trophy. I would be there for a fight. If I got a trophy at the end of it, so be it. That said, I can't see anyone taking Mason on. It would seem a fatal mistake. And anyone dealing personal demons on the level of Mr Stone would do well to not just cross the road when they see him, but make for the nearest state line. I still can't make up my mind if I like Mason or not. But maybe that's okay - he certainly is an interesting character and that is something that hold the interest for the reader.

As for the other characters, whilst Jenna and Sue are cool, it's the cat - Tyson, who I wanted to be in the story more! I would have liked to have known how Mason would have acted around him. I mean, I'm a cat fan and have four of my own hello Angel, Gui-Gui, Java and Kato but then, how would it have advanced the story. Shy of pages, this is a tight read and an engaging script. It's the sort of two-part episode that Steve Bochco would have scripted when Hill Street Blues was at its imperious best.

I believe Tom Reinhart released Saint Monolith after Hegemonian, and whilst that is a great story - this is better, and it shows in the maturity of the writer.

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I lived in New York myself for the best part of a year back in the late s, and I felt I was right back there - such was the great narrative and descriptions that Tom uses. It's got that clammy feeling that the opening credits of Taxi Driver show, along with Robert de Niro's captivating narrative.

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It's the whole 'demon within' angle that I loved in this book, and I've explored it in my paranormal horror Dark Winter and this is expanded on in the follow up. There's a section about religion that some readers may view as being a bit preachy, but this is the author's book and he must write it the way that he does. I myself am not the most devout Catholic - I go to mass infrequently, but I feel it's not so much about a belief in God, but in something greater, and it's that I allude to in my fantasy book Stormling.

Simply put, as I mentioned on my review for Hegemonian, Tom Reinhart is an author to watch out for, and check out his YouTube channel - there's even a tv show host that talks about his books! Fave bits: "Willie was about a hundred pounds less and made of heroin and soup kitchen handouts. The reference to Detroit. I loved how you couldn't go far in Michigan before seeing a sign pointing to Detroit. On GoodReads I rate this book five stars out of five. Well done Tom! Aug 14, Janie Lee rated it it was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

And the intertwined love story between the main character and his psychologist really drew me in. It was e I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I do recommend this first book from this author, and I would certainly read more books from him. Jan 02, Chanzie rated it really liked it Shelves: review-requests. This book is such a guys book but I enjoyed it too.

I think if my husband had to read a book this one would be it. It is rough and raw, but not gory. I guess you never really know what to expect from a book and it's always amazing when a book really surprises you and touches some nerves. Characters: 3. Each of them are described clearly. I connected witht the story but 3. I connected witht the story but not in the way I usually do. Tom covers topics in this novel that society prefers to turn a blind eye to and it really hits home on a lot of bases.

The scary thing is a lot of these things are true and happening. Mason - Mason is your damaged goods main character. He is your typical cop and wants to save the world from itself. He has a rough life so far it doesn't get any easier. The more he tries to do 'good' the more things fall apart. I actually ended up reading quite a few of Mason's mind purges out to my husband. The truth is a scary thing and Tom finds a great way to get it out there to the world through Mason's story. Sue - Sue is Mason's therapist. I do wonder why she doesn't have exisitng happy marraige but maybe she was just waiting to for Mason.

She is the only woman really in his life and forms an attachment to him and a her own need to save him. I really liked that Mason changed her too from their therapy sessions. In most stories it's only the main character that gets affected to such a large degree. Diesel - Diesel is Mason's typical cop partner and best friend. I almost imagine someone like Dwayne Johnson playing this role. He is a sweet talker and charmer.

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I liked his character and all I can say is he is a typical guy and their friendship is a typical bromance. I really enjoyed this friendship, right until the end. Tyson - Tyson is Mason's cat. Tyson is such a bold name for a lovable and adorable cat. Tyson loves chasing bugs and waits on the windowsill for Mason to come home.

I imagines a playful kitten chasing a butterfly. Tyson was my favourite character in this story that crept into my heart quickly.

The Saint Monolith Trilogy

I really enjoyed the bond Mason had with Tyson. His world building is very good. Tom's writing style is easy to follow. I found it a bit strange that there were no page numbers in the book. I found it very interesting that there is such a fine line between being a saint and a vigilante.

Tom definitely covers interesting and touchy topics that had me fascinated. I enjoyed the music he brings into the story and he could not have written a better ending. This is actually one of those book that would make a great movie. It really brings all the aspects of the book into one picture. The skull representing Mason's demons and the wings and motto representing what drives Mason. Final Thoughts: Saint monolith is a really great read. I enjoyed this book and would definitely read more of Tom's work in the future. View 1 comment. Aug 10, Mabus rated it it was amazing Shelves: great-books , best-thriller-books.

Wow, I can not wait for more from this author. I am very particular when it comes to reading anything at all, and usually have the attention span of a small mouse when it comes to reading books, but Saint Monolith had me not wanting to put it down. I would lay in bed when I should have been sleeping still craving and wanting to read about Mason Stone and his psychopathic vigilante self bringing justice to the streets of New York.

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The author really puts you straight into the head and mind of Mason Wow, I can not wait for more from this author. The author really puts you straight into the head and mind of Mason Stone, as you work out the reasonings behind everything he does, and the decisions he makes. A decorated war hero and respected S. T commander, gone psychopathic vigilante and unhinged lunatic bringing "justice" to otherwise scum of the earth. Police officers are out there to protect us and uphold the law. But what happens when the law isn't enough? What would you do and how would it make you feel knowing a killer or rapist on the street was simply going to be let back out into the very world you live in?

What kind of rage or passion would fill your head? He teaches us just how savage human beings can be, and how little we do as humans to prevent that savagery from coming out. The writing of this book not only made me never want to put it down, but I could visually and clearly see everything that was going on. The author's descriptive narrative was on point, as I visually saw every little last bit of detail that was happening in each chapter. Just enough to make you go "oooooh wow," or "oh god! I can not recommend this book enough.

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Follow Mason Stone's journey through fighting the demons in his head, while he "protects and serves" the citizens of New York. A Thriller, and a Love Story. There is something for everyone in this book, and I can't wait for the next book by this author! Jul 25, Eric Petersen rated it really liked it.

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