Visiting the Sick: The Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim

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Surprisingly, perhaps, we are called on to exercise discretion regarding whom we choose to visit: an ailing enemy may interpret a visit as gloating over his misfortune. Another traditional form of assistance to the sick is to offer prayers on their behalf.

In a departure from the more usual [in traditional circles] patronymic style of reference, the subjects of these prayers are referred to in many communities by first name and matronymic : e. In many pre-modern Jewish communities, a special Bikkur Holim Society provided for the needs of the ill.

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In some Western countries and in Eastern European communities, this tradition of medical self-help within the Jewish community was a source for the development of private hospitals under Jewish communal sponsorship. In synagogue communities today, the rabbi is often expected to visit sick congregants, while some have committees that make sure other members come to visit. Jewish Ethics.

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Visiting the Sick

Rules for Visiting the Sick For example, we should wait a while before visiting someone who falls ill, so as not to give the patient the impression that the illness is grave. Healing Prayers Another traditional form of assistance to the sick is to offer prayers on their behalf.

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In all cases visiting the ill is a mitzvah, but each case should be considered individually before setting out. Yalkut Yosef Bikur Cholim pg 42 concludes that when possible it's better together with others, however, one shouldn't miss the mitzvah because of this especially when it causes a burden for the sick person. One example in the United States is the California based Bikur holim , also known as the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, is a nonprofit organization in Greater Los Angeles and California, providing life-saving services and social support programs for children, adults, and families suffering from serious and life-threatening illness. Register Sign In. The Talmud in Sotah 14b states:?

Nobody likes being sick and being stuck in bed. Having visitors that help make you feel better can be one of the best medicines.

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The commandment of visiting the sick (bikkur cholim) is a very great good deed. Concerning this mitzvah, the Mishnah states that this is one of those actions of. Visiting the Sick: The Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim [Sharon Selib Epstein] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To find more information on.

Watch this episode in which the Plony family visits their sick grandpa and makes his day. Want to continue the fun of this episode?

A Digest of Laws of Bikur Cholim

Print this free coloring page about visiting the sick. Talk to your preschooler about visiting the sick with an activity guide by ReformJudaism. Read about how to perform the mitzvah of visiting the sick with discretion on MyJewishLearning. Want to continue learning? Print this free get-well-soon coloring page from Shalom Sesame.