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In addition, you receive a total of six bullets: These should be six guaranteed kills. If this weapon appears in an ordnance drop, it is your number-one priority to make sure you or your team retrieves it first. The only counter to this weapon is the Hardlight Shield. Click to enlarge Think of this weapon as a Rocket Launcher on steroids! Its splash damage covers a larger area than a normal rocket, making it exceptional for short- or mid-range fights.

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The weapon is pretty much unstoppable when it comes to taking down all vehicles with one direct shot. This is the optimal piece of killing equipment to have on a vehicle-friendly map. It also excels at taking down numbers of foes with its splash damage, as long as your foes are clustered near one another. Click to enlarge This has always been a firm favorite; those playing previous Halo games know sniping is always entertaining!

By placing yourself behind the rest of your team, you can pick enemies off while your team draws attention away from your position. This weapon is supremely adept at dropping foes and is exceptional at mid- or long-range battles. Even at close range, when you master the no-scope firing, it is lethal. It fires almost twice as quickly and has almost double the range. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

To unlock the platinum mark 4 helmet for your avatar, you must complete the full campaign on Normal difficulty, or any other harder difficulty. Once you do that you can show off the UNSC hoodie. To get the Knight's Helmet for your avatar, you have to assassinate a knight in any of the Spartan Ops missions. We have no easter eggs for Halo 4 yet.

Halo 4 Tips: Top 7 Weapons

We have no glitches for Halo 4 yet. We have no guides or FAQs for Halo 4 yet. Since , CheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. Halo 4. Use the above links or scroll down see all to the Xbox cheats we have available for Halo 4. Easter eggs. Dawn 10G — Completed mission 1 on any difficulty. Requiem 10G — Completed mission 2 on any difficulty. Forerunner 10G — Completed mission 3 on any difficulty. Infinity 10G — Completed mission 4 on any difficulty. Reclaimer 10G — Completed mission 5 on any difficulty.

Shutdown 10G — Completed mission 6 on any difficulty. Also, try to sedate her before kidnapping her, she's very loud. They're not much of a threat themselves since the cannon will only hit you if you're at a distance and standing still or on their side and trying to kill an enemy , however the armed contingent that usually accompanies oxcarts are the true threat. Oxcarts have good forward vision but getting too close to it from behind or the sides will instantly alert it as well. Alerted oxcarts tend to speed up which is a good thing if they're on your side, but bad if your mission is to stop it.

Being a vehicle, it is immune to Chimatsuri-Sappo but its fixed path means that it is pretty much forced to run over any land mines you put in its path, assuming its guards don't disarm them. Keep in mind that despite being a vehicle, oxcarts are susceptible to status ailments. They are highly vulnerable to melee attacks but projectiles are only effective from the front. They look like ordinary bushes however enemies of a specific type Barbarian, Kenobi Ninja, Mosu Ninja or Taraba Ninja will appear in them at intervals.

Spawn points can produce an infinite number of foes, however only four can exist at a time. Additionally to succeed the mission, five spawned enemies for each point in the level must be killed. Note: Putting sufficiently hidden landmines on a Kenobi or Mosu spawn point will cause a ninja that spawns there to freeze. However in the case of the Kenobi who draw their swords with a slash upon spawning, a second Kenobi spawning on a trapped spawn point will accidentally hit their ally, causing them to set off the land mine and potentially kill them both.

They're indestructable and immortal, but they'll flee if you torment them. They can also trigger traps without being affected by them and if they fall into a 'bottomless' pit, you can see them walking around down there. He's lazy and not very alert which makes him easy chimatsuri-bait. Despite having some really powerful attacks, he's not very good at fighting either and has very low HP.

He rarely uses his good attacks his long-range throw and knee attack and prefers to spam his basic gauntlet move which won't even hit you if you're crouched and dodging around for no reason. However as you can expect, he LOVES food and is the only character in the game who's stupid enough to eat explosive sushi multiple times. He'll eat three sushi before he's sated. He was a real powerhouse in Imashime and things haven't changed in Takumi.

He hits hard and his iron ball is surprisingly fast. He gets tired quickly though so keep your distance and wait for your chance. You'll usually find them together in missions where they will usually be standing perfectly still. They have great hearing and eyesight so plan your attack well, CSing one sister while the other is close by will get you detected though if you're quick, you may be able to frontal-CS the other while she's startled.

In combat, make sure they don't use their obnoxious cloning technique. They're awful at close range incapable of guarding with weak melee attacks and don't have a lot of health but if you're too busy chasing their clones around, they can wear you down quickly with their homing kunai barrages or be creating even more clones.

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Keep in mind the clones will die and vanish with a single injury and they're easily CSed or taken out with shuriken. Their alert icons only have three points so you can tell them apart from the real Ageha and Usuba. Oddly enough, they can live on even after the real one has died. He's like a Taraba but far more aggressive with an incredible attack combo, throws and ranged weaponry.

Unlike a Taraba, he's extremely wary of his surroundings and CSing him is not a simple task. Fortunately he shares the Taraba Clan weakness of spike traps and pitfalls and like his comrades, if neither are around and you're forced to fight, keep him off his feet so he can't attack you, he has no recovery attack. If your mission is to protect him, keep your distance as his special attack combo hits rather indiscriminately. His vigilance is high and CSing him can be difficult.

Since he can't guard, killing him in one-on-one combat is child's play. Also since he can't guard, you must be very attentive during guard missions. Like his troops, he can use ailment spheres and will consume speed potions to help him run away faster. Her vigilance is on par with that of the other lords so treat her with caution. Like Nobuteru, she's difficult to cope with in guard missions due to her tendency to hit allies with her wild attack combos. He behaves much like a Kenobi Ninja in general and CSing him isn't impossible if you can catch up with his quick and sporadic movement and avoid his frequent peering around.

Some missions in Takumi more or less require them in order to complete the objective.

Watching one of the title screen demo movies will demonstrate some solutions to the missions in Takumi. Make sure your pile is stable though! Jump into the top half of one to tip it over and keep on pushing! This can be done while wall running as well. Repeat as necessary, the key is briefly entering a wall run in order to be able to wall jump at the necessary angle. This means that even if you are at a higher altitude, as long as you're close enough to the object it can be picked up.

This is an easy way to navigate past obstacles that are too high to jump over while carrying the object. Note: the larger a character is, the more effective they are at this. As long as she lands at a higher altitude, she won't even take damage and you can pick her up before she can get back to her feet. Kinu might have to use a launching attack in place of this, like her dash attack since her throw is different.

Aiming at her lower legs will propel her further. Of course, this is only if you can get her to stand still Obviously this doesn't work for pitfall traps. For damage-dealing traps, be sure they have enough health to survive it. The more powerful the explosion, the higher you'll go and the more damage you'll take. Stacking weak mines directly on top of each other is an effective way to accomplish a single potent explosion of sufficient strength for your needs. Timing is key, get knocked out at the point of greatest acceleration and an air recovery near the end can gain you a little extra distance.

You should be able to then shimmy your way to the upper entrance as long as you are on the correct side. Very important for the final two missions of the most difficult tower. You should already be pretty familiar with most of these items from playing Imashime. You can check the strength of the item by looking at its description in your inventory menu. The sound of a potion breaking will draw a lot of attention. Most NPCs are at least hungry enough to eat one but will pocket any others after becoming sated. Useless mostly.

Remember that mines can be disarmed by enemies dependent on their visibility type. In the case of the latter, you'll just throw it when trying to use it and it has no real use in Takumi or Mission Mode. In the case of the former, it will make you invisible for a long period of time or until you attack an enemy. It will also make you undetectable by traps and immune to explosions. Ignore these, they have no purpose without a functioning map.

They'll allow you to perform another jump in midair for the duration of the mission, very handy but you only need one per mission. When used, creates a weak explosion around you which will blow enemies off their feet. Good if you get mobbed, allows you to escape. Same as the red scrolls but much more powerful. For a short amount of time, they will allow you to certain-kill anyone at any time. These are used automatically when you recieve a lethal blow and will refill your health bar. They do not have to be equipped. These scrolls will allow you to use your items an infinite number of times for the duration of the mission.

Quite abusable! If they dropped from an enemy you killed, they are safe to use. They have a limited operation time: twenty seconds. Using one will place it on the ground but they can be thrown as well. They are easily identifiable by their icon. When used or thrown, it will crawl in one direction until it hits an obstacle or runs out of power. A lizard you can manually control when used. They can walk in any direction and jump with X. Triangle exits control mode. Like the lizard but it will keep walking even if it hits an obstacle. Throwing one may cause it to land on its side or move in an undesired direction.

Just like the Remote Wind-up Lizard. You can use its jump to right itself if you throw it. Each ingredient is endowed with an attribute that will affect whoever eats it at a very weak level but few NPCs are hungry enough to eat these. Keep in mind that some collection missions will have you gather mushrooms so don't use them or you'll fail it! Equivalent to Improved Shuriken but potency doesn't strengthen them. When used or thrown, they'll crawl a short distance. Don't expect it to be simple though, the target is often accompanied by numerous bodyguards. Enemy ninjas or barbarians will continuously pursue your target until they accomplish their objective to assassinate your charge , or you manage to kill enough of them.

Take advantage of the fact that the enemy isn't too interested in you to assassinate them from behind while they're fighting others, just don't get hit by your own allies in the process. Certainly don't kill any of your allies either! Mission fails if your charge dies. Don't expect the object to be unguarded or easy to get to though and often reaching the object itself is the easy part.

Mission fails if you lose the object. Mission fails if you lose the object or the enemy reaches their destination with the object. Still, these missions can be even more difficult than thievery somehow About as straightforward as a mission can get really. On rare occasions, these missions will give you a specific target such as 'kill all warriors' so its safe to avoid anyone who isn't a warrior. On the other hand, everyone is hostile and worth points, so might as well Expect the destination to be in a really inconvenient place.

These missions frequently test your acrobatic abilities. A little bit like a thievery mission except for the fact that your cargo will scream for help, run away and possibly attack you on sight. Mission fails if the target dies. It's like kidnapping except your charge is a little more cooperative and screams less often. They're worthless in a fight and terrible at following you and have a tendency to wander after items they find on the ground, so try to keep them on your shoulder as often as possible. Sometimes you get an entourage but don't expect them to last long.

One of the more infuriating mission types. Mission fails if your oxcart is destroyed. Blow it to smithereens before it gets away, that's your only requirement! Any collateral loss of life is just gravy. Note that like robbery missions, the target may be accompanied by a guard regimen. Mission fails if the oxcart reaches its destination intact. Sounds simple and usually is. Mission fails if there are not enough objective items left in the level to succeed.

No obnoxious bodyguards to interfere! And best of all? No rules against sticking a sword in the opponent's back when they aren't looking. Of course you can be all honorable about it and face them head on but that is not the way of the ninja In these missions, you and the opponent are the only ones in the level, however there may be bear cages or barbarian huts as well. I still haven't figured out all the variables governing score mainly on escort and protect missions but this is a fairly accurate breakdown of the point system. Like Imashime, the point limit is set to which is usually easy to attain and at other times, impossible.

However, score is meaningless as far as the game itself is concerned, it doesn't affect anything at all. This also means you can immediately quit out and get 20 points. Supposedly this is to offset the unavoidable bonus loss from destroying the oxcart normal kill. Be aware that the gain for defeating an enemy in combat is only enough to offset them spotting you to begin with.

It is better for your points to escape and then CS them later. You don't have to worry about losing more points as in Tenchu as once an enemy spots you once, you can't lose any more points from that particular enemy.

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Robotic arm. Here, we use modeling to simulate the centrosome positioning based on the idea that the balance of three forces— dyneins pulling along microtubule length, myosin-powered centripetal drag, and microtubules pushing on organelles—is responsible for the centrosome displacement. Of course you can be all honorable about it and face them head on but that is not the way of the ninja Keep this in mind when choosing your approach. Shoot me a message if you have these games. Guest answered: Added 11th Feb , ID Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

For non-Asuka characters, you can only really gain points through combat by killing bears and yojimbo. I suppose it is lucky then that Takumi has lots of both. Missions and scrolls can be done in any order. I recommend completing the Tower of Asuka early on so that you can get Zaji. The other characters aren't important to unlock since they're mostly incapable of completing missions neatly due to a lack of Chimatsuri-sappo techniques.

Wind and clouds! Personal Assassin. Adopt One. Carrying a Love Letter! Everyone Assemble! Barbarian invasion? Damn you Zaji! See the related section for more details. The credits can be viewed at any time in the Bonus Features section following this. Unlike Imashime or Homura, beating the game does not unlock any features besides being able to rewatch the credits.

All missions can be played with any unlocked characters unless otherwise noted. Protect: Sadame Town Assassination: Kabuto Residence Thievery: Documents Sadame Residence Goh Only Kidnapping: Princess Mountains Kidnapping: Town Girl Town Thievery: Safe Sadame Town Assassination: Kagetora Akame Fortress Kidnapping: Town Girl Residence He's the main character of the series.

While competetent in a fight, he's at his best when using his speed and agility to take the enemy out quietly with Chimatsuri-Sappo. In combat, he must rely on his superior maneuverability and various techniques to defeat his foe as his attacks aren't particularly strong. Get good at using him though, many missions require it. Can hit prone enemies.

She runs slower but sprints faster and can jump higher than Goh. She's a good choice for missions where you have to carry heavy objects through difficult terrain or do some tricky wall jumping. She's no slouch in combat but suffers in tight quarters since her 5-bladed chain tends to bounce off any obstacles.

Her primary attack combo can be very effective though, stun-locking an enemy especially if you get them in the back with it. Also her dash attack doesn't home in like Goh's but it strikes very quickly. Can be repeated rapidly. Hits twice and knocks the enemy away. He has the same set of CS as Goh and many of his attacks are identical. Their physical capabilities also are identical though Zaji is stronger but has lower health. His longer combos and strength tend to make him better in a fight though.

Pretty worthless. Requires precise timing but can be used to exploit enemy stand-up attacks. Identical to her sister Usuba in every way except for still being alive , she requires a very different playing style than most characters due to her fragility and a combat role focused on ranged attacking and misdirection.

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You can kill enemies anonymously with your kunai, but it is good to not stay in one place; eventually they'll figure out where the attack is coming from. Trying it on enemies with high vigilance will get you spotted immediately. In direct combat, her confusion mist can confound the opponent long enough to create some clones or gain distance. Her melee attacks are pathetic and being unable to guard, she cannot last long with an enemy at close range, fortunately she's as nimble as you'd expect and more than capable of escaping.

You can create a LOT of clones but they are very stupid.

Halo: Combat Evolved

In Takumi, he is surprisingly good at combat! You'd never expect it after his dismal performance as an NPC and ridiculous demise in Imashime. Of course without Chimatsuri-sappo, he's just a novelty like the other unlockable characters An excellent fighter with both close and mid-range melee attacks, his biggest weakness is accidentally performing a taunt when you're trying to do his throw. Also he has very low HP but his attack power is quite high. Notice the green venom that wells out of his gauntlet during certain attacks, this can cause knockout in weaker opponents if hit consecutively by them.