Why and How to Use Conflict Management in Organisations

5 Steps to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
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Trying to eliminate it is equally futile. Rather than looking for a compromise that suits no one, many leaders are recognising that conflict is inevitable and actually has real benefits for the company. Conflict can:. When handled skilfully these unexpected side effects can increase the effectiveness of individuals and teams. It is, however, a balancing act: the consequences of unresolved conflict are many and include loss of productivity and creativity, increased stress, non-co-operation among staff and high turnover.

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CONFLICT MANAGMENT IN ORGANIZATION CONFLICT .. management styles they most frequently use when directly involved in the confl ict. Managers and organizations can choose to see conflict as inherently that you can use to help with your organizational conflict management.

Admittedly, managing conflict takes a heavy toll on the time and energy of managers. This is nevertheless time well spent: the effects of unresolved conflict, even between two individuals or a small group, can impact the whole organisation, creating factions or poisoning of the working atmosphere.

When leaders and HR do not address conflict with effective strategies , the workplace is not only uncomfortable for those involved and for bystanders.

Classification of Conflict

The conflict can evolve to have a destructive and dangerous impact on productivity and performance. If you wanted to write a manual on how not to manage conflict , you would find that international cricket is a rich resource.

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Compromising is a mid-way solution, best suited to situations where the conflicting parties are relatively equal in power and have mutually independent goals. In addition, dealing with conflicts is a great challenge to management Adomi and Anie, Read More. There may be icy stares or, at the other extreme, an avoidance of eye contact. New procedures may be formulated and a new agenda suggested. For example, the marketing department of an organization can come in conflict with the customer support department. This process may not work if initial demands are high and mainly if there's no commitment to honor the compromise solutions.

The conflict and the personality became so linked that to remove one meant removing the other. The public are, of course, not privy to the inside conversations. The sides included a non-disclosure clause in the subsequent legal settlement which further covered up in the details of the disagreement.

We can however draw some conclusions from this and from other workplace conflicts to help us transform destructive conflict into a workplace rich with diversity of opinion and styles. Here are 10 tips to help manage and harness conflict to create a harmonious and productive workplace:.

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Have clearly defined, accessible job descriptions, so that employees know exactly what is expected of them and their colleagues. Create a framework that clearly states norms of unacceptable behaviour, such as guidelines on gossip, manipulation and emotional blackmail. Root out the real nature of the conflict. Is it a personal differences or a professional disagreement?

Personal can be disruptive and destructive, whereas professional can be productive in a tolerant and open-minded work environment. Strong and effective conflict management tactics are imperative before a conflict escalates into a crisis.

Conflict Management

Listen to both sides when there is conflict or disagreement, while mediating, and get both sides to commit and take ownership for the agreed upon solution. Record and review the situation at a future date to check if the issue remains resolved satisfactorily. Pick your battles. Know when to step in and when to back off, avoid micromanaging minor issues and focus on those that jeopardise productivity and staff morale.

The winning tactic is to harness and manage workplace conflict, which can promote energy, creativity, re-evaluation and innovation within a tolerant team that appreciates healthy differences of personalities and ideas. Do you need to develop your communication skills? Every individual should try his level best to avoid conflict at the first place rather than resolving it later. Precautions must be taken at the right time to avoid a conflict.

Conflict Management Techniques

Imagine yourself constantly fighting with your fellow worker. Would you ever feel going to office? The issues resulting in a conflict must be controlled at the right time to prevent the eruption of a big fight. Conflict management plays an important role everywhere, at work places and even in our personal lives.

No organization runs for charity, it has to make money to survive well. Employees must give their hundred percent at work to ensure the maximum productivity. Nothing productive will ever come out if the employees are constantly engaged in fighting and criticizing others.

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Conflict management plays a very important role at workplaces to prevent conflicts and for the employees to concentrate on their work. The team leaders must ensure that the roles and responsibilities of each and every employee are clearly passed on to them.

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Employees waste half of their time and energy in fighting with others and find it very difficult to work which they are actually supposed to do. An individual must enjoy his work; otherwise he would never be able to give his best. Conflict management goes a long way in strengthening the bond among the employees and half of the problems automatically disappear.

How to deal with workplace conflicts - Develop your personality and business skills.

Individuals must feel motivated at work and find every single day exciting and challenging. Before implementing any idea, it must be discussed with everyone and no one should ever feel ignored or left out. This way, every employee feels indispensable for the office and he strives hard to live up to the expectations of his fellow workers and in a way contributing to the organization in his best possible way.

Self-Awareness Is Key

Conflict management avoids conflicts to a great extent and thus also reduces the stress and tensions of the employees. No one likes to carry his tensions back home and if you fight with your colleagues and other people, you are bound to feel uncomfortable and restless even at home. Conflict management also plays an important role in our personal lives.

Tussles and fights spoil relationships and only increase our list of enemies.