The Scroundrel of Dagger Gulch

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Bronner's Soap 7. Erickson Manufacturing Farmer's Helper 1. Fast Back Ropes Flair Equine Nasal Strips 1. Flexible Flyer Foremost Fencing 2. Frankford Arsenal 5. Franklin Electric Gorilla Glue Great Plains Industries Does one of your cousins own the Dagger? This is your big blockbuster announcement? You really are a fool. However, you do amuse us, so keep posting. Bane has hired several people from Christian schools. So when I say it may be legit, I mean the hiring may be a problem with the school in question I am saying they may not meet the standards required by the State of Maryland.

I did not imply Bane was guilty of this. It may be a legit reason for not hiring these people. You still resort to your name calling and childish behavior. Unlike you if I make a mistake or find a story may be wrong even when Bane is involved I tend to go with the facts. Instead of name calling and childish behavior you should try disputing facts some time.

Marc, As I said, this article is a crock of crap. It is one more mud pie thrown by the Gahlerlites, of which I suspect you. You promised to have really blockbuster information revealed, and I think this is what it was. Shame on you, Marc. However, keep posting so that voters can see who supports Gahler. Monster, but you are okay with the lie of 70 Troopers being fired because of Jeff and Bane saying Jeff never spoke to him or had a meeting with him about the joint investigators in Harford County. John Wayne, answer my question why you and the rest of the Union people had no problem with the other videos but this one hit such nerve.

I am glad it got out there for people to see. If you think I fear what the Union can do to me for this you are sadly mistaken. I have more respect for them then I do for any of you cowards on here who use multiple names and fake names. If you dare stand up to Bane you get stepped on. I am told there was a complaint but no one knows who complained. This is Bane tactics and the Union is falling in line with him. No phone calls just emails because no one has the guts to call me and confront me.

If you had faith in what you spew out on here you would use your real name and not fake ones when doing the bidding of the Bane. Sure you can. Your not gonna need a lot of money with 28 deputies. All that other money goes to the new Police Department. You have a brand new station in Edgewood that could be Police Headquarters. Had to get a new screen name, looks like I ticked off somebody real good.

The two groups will be jockeying for funds and authority and power, raising taxes to support duplicative operations. No, you let the police handle everything except for warrant service, civil service and Court Security. Anne Arundel County would be a good model to look at. I got a question for all the Gahler fans out there. Furthermore, the MSP tried to prevent access to the data in total violation of the consent order. Is this gonna be an issue for Harford County if he is elected? Thanks for correcting your other inaccuracy. Just for the record, you are correct. My questions stands as stated.

You are incorrect again. Starting to suspect you of not just being inaccurate but intentionally so. Wow, you are correct again. SoulCrusher is a lot like Bane. Not very accurate and perhaps intentional. That would never happen with Bane! If I make a mistake, I admit to it. Have my whole life.

So in that text, Soul is right. Gahler was in charge of the Bel Air Barrack as well as others that 95 ran through? I may be missing something here. Yes, Gahler was operating 2 of his 3 Barracks, on the I corridor during the time of the data collection. I is covered by the JFK Barrack. Saying Bel Air troopers patrol I is kinda like saying deputies assigned to the Southern precinct patrol Jarrettsville.

Sure, they can and maybe sometimes do, but that is not their area of responsibility. Yes, Hank you are correct. Jeffery Gahler has absolutely nothing to do with any of it. The Barracks that he Commanded had absolutely no officers involved in the data acquisition. It ALL came from Perryville. Actually, let me revise that. I find you amusing and entertaining. How come during his tenure the Troopers also issued more warnings to minority drivers than white drivers? Wait, I got that wrong. The Troopers issued more Warnings to white drivers than minority drivers.

What a surprise? Also, the reason the warnings were given out to white drivers is because the minorities actually got tickets……. Sorry, Gahler Voter. Did i hear that the Deputies Union endorsed Bane? Why Bane and Not Gahler? Why would the guys in the trenches, the ones actually doing the job endorse the Sheriff?

The guys in the trenches endorsed Gahler. A vote of fear and not of courage. No, people have been under a rule of fear and retaliation since I large majority do not trust the internet voting. Hearing rumors that the online voting was not sent to all the potential DSU members.

Have you heard anything about that? Could be the reason for the high number that did not participate. Go away or get real. Another stupid comment from Marc Eaton. Gahler is. Dear Monster, if any person saw the Union Debate it pretty much shows the kind of person Gahler is and the person Bane is.

Why do you want my opinion now? You constantly question my mental state and call me a liar, but now you want my opinion? Is the stress of the loss coming your way starting to bother you?

I asked a rhetorical question and you know it. Upon viewing his website, all I see is how he is the great leader with all this experience. I mean, experience doing what?

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Sitting on your butt. Really, what has Jeff done? It seems to me that Jeff was wet nursed his entire career and is nothing more than an administrator. Seriously, other than being a pencil pusher, what has Jeff done? I checked mine it only goes back to , I had ten years on the streets by then. Your court system labeled me mentally ill and a career criminal. I was allowed home detention through DOC because I am quite sane.

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Preston Goodly, strong and true assistant territorial prosecutor is rushing to save the good people of Dagger Gulch from a great evil which has settled over their. The Roxy Players traveling troupe treats us to The Scoundrel of Dagger Gulch! In a lonely train station, four miles from the middle of nowhere, a group of.

I trudged through thick and thin, for over a decade, for your courts and then they screwed me over. If anybody has a problem with Harford County, its me. You guys claim I have anger issues, your probably right, but who has reason to be more upset with the Harford County Criminal Justice than I.

In my experience innocent people do not make plea agreements. Sorry about ur experience Marc. But, you are very wrong.

Soul Crusher, Marc Eaton is a sick man. Here is another example of why your experience is wrong….. I accomplished a lot. In your case when asked a if you were ever convicted of a crime it will always be yes! Heard your story from a ligit source. You can keep crying foul but you were dirty. Most people accept and move on you just keep crying like the little man you are.

You and Monster must share a brain. I have it, from a very reliable source, that you make up half the crap you claim. I grew marijuana for myself and a friend. They had no evidence of any distribution. Which it was. ALL evidence was supposed to be thrown out, period. They forced an Alford Plea of Guilt, period. End of discussion. Your Courts convicted me, knowingly and willingly, of a crime that they knew they had no usable evidence on.

Never legal, never correct. If my sources are unreliable then ignore my posts and me. If you choose to attack and discredit me then you must think the are reliable. You and you brother Soul Crusher have one mode of attack and it never changes. Saying facts are lies without the ability to disprove them is not proving anything on your part. You constant attacks on the same silly issues with me shows you have nothing and never had. Soul admits to growing plants and I hear he was good at it but it was for him and a friend.

Yeah right. You saw the numbers on the Union vote not exactly a blow out by Bane. Now for the Union to give money to a proven liar in my book is pretty bad. To give money to a proven liar is wrong. Time for the PAC to stand up against Bane and his lies. Its just not possible. I am good, very good, at anything I do. I am honest about everything, except yesterday when I once again drove you into a frenzy trying anything you could to set me or anybody who disagrees with you off.

I suggest you start smoking pot, it will mellow you out there tough guy. Get off the pain killers and start taking that Prozac like you are supposed to do. What name calling? Expungements and other situations are most likely the reasons for criminal history not being available for public access. Those were all Habeus Corpus actions to get people to court. I looked also, its not unusual to see that. But you are correct on your observations.

However, Gahler makes it seem as he moved up through the Rank and File. His record does not show that…………. You are a knowledgeable, and I think honest individual who seeks the truth and justice. I see no ulterior motives for what you post. Jesse Bane was an advocate for Forwood and Visnaw. Look those cases up. I now have a question for Mr. Gahler to answer. Were you in any way involved in the MSP spying scandal that took place in ? It all came to light in , which just coincides with you being transferred to the Automotive Safety Enforcement Division.

Why do you think I asked it? If Bane used that particular question in a public debate, Jeff would have to lie or not answer citing Homeland Security Restrictions. One last Gahler question. What does everyone think about that? Anyone want to talk about secret helicopter acquisitions? Right on. Do a google search on Fred Visnaw and Marc Forwood and so on. Shame on Jesse Bane. I can name more and you know it. It is just another political piece of crap on your part.

The only one who really needs meds is Multiple Personality Marc. Seriously Marc, how many names did you use today? You all are so transparent in what you are trying to do and think that no one realizes it. If you can come up with anything, it might help voters make an intelligent decision.

Whom ever the individual who keeps posting under all the different and creative names but same Bane hate could seriously use a mental health check up. You have it wrong, Monster has so many different posters using that name it is down right funny. If you care to look back over the years you will see people who are consistent with screen names and then notice the large amount of Bane supporters who constantly show up under new names. Then again this is a fact and we know how some people deal with facts. Then an easy challenge to the numerous Bane haters, there are so many of you it should take no time at all to make a reply hidden.

The lack of thumbs down votes is telling. I notice that many of my posts and others who support Jeff are getting thumbs down a lot. Who is mentally ill here.

The double daggers, or, Deadwood Dick's defiance

You got caught plead guilty and did time and you say you were innocent. You continue to whine about this and no one is buying it. You seem stuck on stupid pal. I thought you were just some whiny wannabe from the Blue Oyster Bar, but you are a straight up racist pig. All your Cop buddies think like you?

Now, check him out in his duds from when he was actually a cop. There was more on here last night, from other users and myself. How many people have you attacked on the Dagger? They never complain.