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One of Prince's biggest videos, and maybe because it's the first one where fans got to see that Prince was really, really funny. Effortlessly sexy, mugging constantly for the camera, and featuring a stripped-down set that's as minimal as the song itself, Kiss was delightful, efficient and funky. Like Take Me With U, there's footage of flying through the skies though much more appropriate to the lyrics of this song. But this time, there's a cinematic breadth to the video, both due to the expansive arrangement of the song, and the presence of irresisible personalities like Kristin Scott Thomas and Jerome Benton, both of whom joined Prince in Under the Cherry Moon — the film for which this song and video were created.

In contrast to the minimalism of Kiss, this is the maximalism of the Revolution at its biggest, adding in horn players, dancers, and Prince's biggest sound yet. Unlikely as it may seem, one of the Revolution's funkiest songs ever is also its most elegant video ever. The expanded band shows up decked out in tuxedos and ball gowns, strutting to the unforgettable baritone saxophone riff that anchors the song.

After weeks of filmng and recording in the south of France, Prince and the Revolution look as comfortable as if they'd been there their whole lives, breaking out some simple but delightful choreography at the song's fade. But the highlight has to be Prince and Jerome Benton riffing as only they can, at in the video. It's still absurdly funny after decades, and again shows a side of Prince's sense of humor that casual fans almost never got to see. A wonderful glimpse into one of the most important concerts of Prince's career, his performance at Detroit's Cobo Arena on June 7, — his 28th birthday, a new maturity that was hinted at by one of the first times we ever see Prince ina suit and tie.

The song was one of Prince's best slow-burning songs of the era, and as the final video appearance of the Revolution it marks the end of an incredible era. As was his custom in the 80s, Prince continued his streak of releasing a new album each year, and in he marked the launch of his most ambitious effort yet with a video that was perhaps his most modest ever. Reflecting his growing ambivalence about the trappings of MTV-based celebrity, which had prompted him to release 's Around the World in a Day with no lead single or video preceding the album, his dramatic video for Sign O' The Times, lead single for its eponymous album, not only didn't feature Prince — it didn't feature any humans at all.

In its way, the Sign O' The Times video presaged the lyric videos of the YouTube and social media age, and served to center everyone's attention onto the lyrics of the song, one of Prince's most starkly political messages to that point. Flipping from nearly invisible and focused on the world to front-and-center and outrageously sexy, Prince used the release of U Got The Look to feature an excerpt from the extraordinary Sign O' The Times concert film.

Prince is all decked out in a fur coat, hoop earring and heels, and his duet partner Sheena Easton shares his peach and black palette as well as impeccable tailoring. Perhaps the best "pure" rock single of this era of Prince's career, the effervescent an unabashed pop of I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man hints at the romantic triangle that forms the nominal story of the Sign O The Times concert film, but this video is the one to watch if you want to see what is perhaps Prince's greatest band operating at its most ruthlessly powerful.

Aside from the JB's at the peak of their run with James Brown or Tina Turner at her majestic best, it is almost impossible to find a document of a band making this much work look this effortless. And do be sure to watch the entire concert film for the long version of this track — the bluesy breakdown and weeping guitar solo stand proud alongside Prince's very best solos ever. Alphabet St. But following a spiritual and professional reckoning after the cancelled release of his notorious Black Album just a few months earlier, Alphabet St.

The effects and extensive text overlays are very clearly of their era, but Prince's extreme eccentricity in everything from his choice of costume to his burying of hidden messages throughout the video keep the video from seeming as dated as it otherwise might. Indeed, the repetition and hyperactive editing of the clip make it one of the first of Prince's videos that seem to presage today's meme-based media. Something of an obscurity due to the relative lack of chart success of the single, Glam Slam is perhaps best regarded as a document of Prince's most ambitious effort of the 80s, the Lovesexy album and tour.

The album was an extremely challenging work, attempting to introduce his giant audience to a deeply personal, if somewhat obtuse, spiritual vision. And the accompanying tour was extremely ambitious in its staging, as becomes obvious in the Glam Slam video, which features the entire band choreographed in-the-round as they were on the tour. Add to that an entire string section, Prince's first coterie of male backup dancers, and elaborate spandex-ridden costumes, and the overall effect is a definite sense that more is more.

A delicate, almost minimal melody closes out the Lovesexy era for Prince, with a series of surreal and evocative objects working to pull us into a dreamlike state. One of the most effects-heavy videos Prince ever made, the clip was directed by Jean Baptiste Mondino, enjoying his heyday in the years between his directing of Tom Wait's "Downtown Train" and Madonna's "Justify My Love". It's too bad "U Got The Look" was already taken, because this is a look. It's hard to itemize everything that's absurd and amazing about this clip. It's the first appearance of "Gemini", the half-Batman, half-Joker character that Prince had imagined as a persona on his soundtrack album.

It's the first onscreen appearance of studio nerd Prince, alternating between geeking out on his samplers, keyboards and computers, and then hopping on top of the console to shred on one of his custom guitars. It only gets weirder from there. An army of dancing Jokers and Batmen, a phalanx of Vicki Vales, and allusions to everything from Frank Miller's seminal Dark Knight to the theme song of the campy 60s Adam West series to, well In a world where we have a high-production-value comic book movie coming out every 3 weeks, it's hard to emphasize exactly how outrageous and incomprehensible this video seemed at the time.

But as I noted in the years-long Twitter thread that I've been writing about the song, at three decades later, Batdance seems like it perfectly predicted the era of viral videos and how to market a superhero franchise with a meme-ready production. An amusing bit of trivia: Batdance was directed by Albert Magnoli, who had, a little over 5 years earlier, also directed Purple Rain. Given how successful the Batman project was commercially, and how much Prince had invested in creating characters like Gemini, it's not surprising we saw his Batman universe continue into another video.

New experiences

The song was in some ways a pastiche of which it had replaced in the Batman film , but given its prominence in scenes with Jack Nicholson, it was a no-brainer to choose for a single. The scope and scale are astounding for a Prince video — there are countless extras, and from the minute Prince walks in whistling "The Arms of Orion", also from the Batman soundtrack , the stakes keep going up.

There's Joker-level mayhem throughout, Prince shows off his genuine ability to play a piano while lying on top of it, and just a year after Michael Jackson had ended part of his Moonwalker home video by pretending to balk at Bubbles the chimp wearing a Prince t-shirt, the Partyman video features Though MTV only ever aired the single edit of the clip, the extended version is now widely available to stream, and it does full justice to the full madness Prince had pictured for the song. And though the song closes with a title saying, "This ain't over Again veering from a massive production to something intimate and seductive, we come to one of Prince's very best seduction ballads, Scandalous.

This clip clearly sets the stage for what D'Angelo would escalate a decade later with Untitled, though Prince appears here in a red jumpsuit instead of his birthday suit. Though it's his most minimal video ever, employing just some simple lights, a microphone stand, and creative editing of Prince's solo performance, it perfectly suits the song and sets the song apart from not just its placement on a superhero soundtrack, but the rest of Prince's entire catalog.

It's no wonder this was one of the rare times when a shot from a video became the cover of the single it was meant to promote. The much more common short version of the video is available, of course. This is one of those videos that has a short edit , which omits all of the introductory drama. Though there is a video of the live version of the song released in , the estate hasn't yet released the footage. There's a totally different version that's a Verizon ad , too. Dirty Mind Following on the heels of the Uptown single was this video for the title track of the Dirty Mind album.

Sexuality Prince at the peak of his No Pants Mode era, sporting his thigh-highs and briefs.

He celebrates the Sabbath.

Bryan's First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) - Kindle edition by Pat Wyman, J.P. Mavredakis, Andrea Gagyi Palffy. Download it once and read . Santiagos First Haircut (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1) It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Santiagos First Haircut (I am a STAR Studio Suite Platinum 1 sofa bed and 1 large double bed or 2 single beds and 1 sofa bed. .. by Bryan Collier Discover the true story of NFL star Ernie Barnes—a boy who.

Little Red Corvette More than any other, this is the video that made Prince a star. Automatic This was one of the first videos that Prince's estate shared online, and it's a scorcher. This one did not get any MTV airplay in , sadly. Automatic Let's Pretend We're Married Unlike its sibling video Automatic, Let's Pretend We're Married was actually released as a single, albeit more than a year after the album had come out.

Let's Pretend We're Married When Doves Cry Prince's most famous video, the debut of the Revolution with the addition of Wendy Melvoin, the band was now complete , exciting footage that acted at the time as a trailer for the Purple Rain film that was then to come, and additional scenes that worked in the years that followed as a glimpse at what was cut from the movie.

Let's Go Crazy Mirroring much of the opening scenes of the Purple Rain film, the video for Let's Go Crazy is one of the best performance videos that Prince and the Revolution ever made, while also functioning as an irresistible trailer for the film. Let's Go Crazy Purple Rain Amazingly, Prince's signature song is among the very few of his videos that's not officially available online.

I Would Die 4 U Prince at the height of his stardom, in his very first live performance video, featuring an expanded Revolution that incorporates Sheila E. Raspberry Beret Paisley Park Prince finally got his wish to disppear from his video, ironically on the song that would give a name to one of the most lasting parts of his legacy. The guys discuss the rise of Cardi B, Jared Leto's ageless face, Bryan's frumpy fire hydrant piece, Brendan's fishing skills, couples therapy dolls, …. Wheeler Walker Jr.

Theo Von and the boys talk Gerard Butler, rabies, phony dalmatians, hair transplants, steroids, therapy sessions, buying penguins, burying poop, Ric Flair's awesomeness, sleep driving, ghosts and much more. Brendan and Bryan are back from Las Vegas to talk creepy rich guys, hot girl life, board gamers, fake Nobu, bad fish, Bryan's business advice to girls, Brendan's juiced up return to MMA, baseball, tequila, whiskey and …. Tony Hinchcliffe, Brendan and Bryan talk crying, life changing movies, the best Joker, best Batman, undercover boss, guest of the year controversy, crazy geniuses, Ben Affleck blockbusters and much more.

Brendan and Bryan talk sleeping needs, sketchy supplement dreams, sneaky gay porn, work relationships, George Lucas' baby bird, pork, truffles and much more. Brendan, Bryan and Jay talk white truffles, cheese, recipes, food and more food, broken ankles, bisexual dads, joke equality, evil chimps and much more.

It's the th episode! The guys talk ancient Greek hogs, the Fight Network's Retrospective on Brendan, Bryan's daydreaming, pricey foods, truffle …. Brendan and Bryan talk about getting hit on by dudes, people who wear matching sweats, gonzo nosing, homeless bodybuilders, buff girls, Pete Davidson, remembering Ralphie May, prehistoric giant sloths, furry rhinos, …. Frank Grillo and the boys discuss marathon dong, tough guys, ladyboys, exploring favaela's in Brazil, training in Thailand, being the biggest ….

Brendan and Bryan briefly discuss the Vegas tragedy and get right into mind reading, becoming cyborgs, Stephen King's IT, Hugh Hefner, dirty magazines, wax jobs, fattening up wives, Chinder's upcoming date, OJ's …. Chris D'Elia is back and the guys talk superheroes, fans, the legend of D'Elia's dong, eating alone, Netflix, nightmare acting, future shades, artistic hats, D'Elia's Chinder tips, wishing failure on friends, sociopaths …. Will Sasso joins Bryan as special guest host for the day.

The guys talk diamond listener goals, Swedish fish, woolly moose, boxing, training dogs, …. Ari Shaffir and the boys talk lending money to friends, splitting tabs, food poisoning, blowing out buttholes, traveling adventures, Delia's hog, The …. The boys talk about Brendan's new Slingshot, Bryan's worried mother, an introduction to MJ the new intern, Chinder dating ideas, gun shooting stories, gymming, Joel Osteen vs Mattress Mack and much more.

Pro wrestling legend Bill Goldberg stops by the studio to discuss his pro football and pro wrestling career, MMA aspirations and choosing competition …. Bryan and Brendan talk scuffles, then get into a scuffle. Brendan and Bryan share solar eclipse stories, drug horror stories and talk Game of Thrones, sophisticated soda, dating Chin Chin, fancy shoes, …. The guys talk London, Manchester, Dublin, tiny roads, Hells Angels, neck tattoos, getting late night "stabby", Culver City knife fights, life saving ….

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Simpson, updates on Brendan's pink eye's, …. Simpson, GHB hot tub parties, …. Freddie Prinze Jr. The guys also discuss online dating, …. The guys talk comedy festivals, Kill Tony, crazy people, self promotion, the art of listening, fight fallouts, Chinese voiceovers, throwing coins …. Judd Apatow joins Brendan and Bryan to discuss his early standup performances as a kid, Louie CK's valuable tips on performing, the real reason for putting his own kids in his movies, writing jokes for the Grammy's, …. Bryan finally gets braces, fights Luke ….

Chris gets froggy with Bryan while Bryan …. Six-time Mr. The guys discuss the physical and financial costs of ….

He celebrates the Sabbath.

Bert Kreischer, Brendan and Bryan talk piercings, haircuts, weight loss, coked up pest extermination, coffee addiction, edibles, heavy hitters in comedy, Dave Navarro's piece, Bert's lotto winning fantasy and much more. Brendan and Bryan discuss prolonged erections, huge pythons, growing noses and Bryan's cancer scare.

The guys also recap Canelo vs Chavez Jr and talk …. Brendan and Bryan recap Easter and talk Cadbury Eggs, snake and shark attacks, Bryans future colonoscopy and tattoo promise, Brendan's vigilante …. Brendan and Bryan talk water parks, roller coasters, marathons, karaoke, music videos, Bryans trip to Universal Studios, Brendans trip to the Lakers …. Brendan and Bryan recap their trip to the White House and welcome Cameron Hanes in studio to discuss hunting, fitness, running ultra marathons, …. Kevin Smith joins Brendan and Bryan and the guys talk superheroes, sizeists, juiced up Bryan vs Brendan, being one of the godfathers of podcasting, comedy advice from Seth Rogen, not staying in your lane and much more.

Brendan and Bryan are back. All this and much more, enjoy. Comedian Brad Williams joins Brendan and Bryan and the guys talk Thrinder, threesomes Mcgee, ginger bears, masquerade parties, meeting Chris Pratt while peeing, gay clubbing and much more.

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Brendan shares …. Jim Norton joins Brendan and Bryan to discuss comedy, Dana White, being kicked by Jon Jones, their love for The Wire and Renzo Gracie and the opera and the enormous effects of small gestures along with ghost stories and …. Brendan and Bryan are back from the weekend to talk frog shakes, robots taking over, pug teeth, Papa John's vs Papa Murphy's, orange chicken and more.

Theo Von joins Brendan and Bryan today to talk indoor vs outdoor voices, interventions, huffing, dating in LA, triggers, welding a caboose, road stories and much more, enjoy the show. Brendan and Bryan are back to talk about Bryan's trip to Boston, Brendan's first solo show in Pasadena, landscaping, working on an ice cream truck, …. Brendan and Bryan are back from the weekend to discuss the Oscars, their beef with Keith Urban, award winning fish and chips, Chinese instruction manuals, damage to the Bentley, donkey sex and lighting fish tanks on …. Sam Tripoli, Brendan and Bryan talk horny ghosts, their Mount Rushmore of porn, Chinese ghosts, cock fighting, buggered goats and more.

Brendan and Bryan talk Disneyland, Nashville, rhinos, sloths, blind lemurs, birds covered in seeds, Planet Earth, flat earth triggers Bryan, hippo …. Jeremy Piven joins Brendan and Bryan to talk about massages, auditions, dancing for whitey, rapping in Hebrew, Compton eels, battling Eminem and tons more, enjoy the show!

Phil "Mr. Brendan and Brian are back from San Francisco and recap their trip.

The guys discuss working out, boxing, weed, testosterone, the controversial Holm …. Brendan and Bryan talk shoes, boots, Gucci loafers, working out, past arrests, street fights, and a whole lot more. Brendan and Bryan are back from Bryans 50th birthday weekend to talk about partying with Jeremy Piven, puppies, Trump, the worlds best athletes and much more. Brendan and Bryan discuss burning hot topics, including firing people, embezzlement, poverty, Bob Marley being white, crying into beer and hangy balls in this episode of The Fighter and The Kid. The guys talk coconut crabs, leather wine, binge eating and new years resolutions.

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Around the Bend Brummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. S why so good - apart from the perfect title? Not at all. Watch a guy put forty packs of crackers in his soup. Money Well Spent Or Scam? In the other bucket are cases the world learns about only after a company or other organization has taken a personnel action, like firing or suspension.

The boys talk stories of Christmas past, best and worst gifts, Bryan's cocaine filled ping pong night with a …. Brendan talks breaking MMA events and Alan Jouban visits the studio to talk Versace, how he got into modeling, why he deserves to be ranked in the UFC welterweight top 15, who he wants next, why he wants to see Joe …. Pete Holmes visits Brendan and Bryan to talk about his new show with Judd Apatow Crashing and the guys get deep into pronouns, multiple identities, ….

Brendan and Bryan return to the studio to recap the Hunt vs. Mir UFC card and discuss the upcoming digital series. Brendan and Bryan have an intense talk about Conor McGregor and his weight class jumping and much more. Brendan and Bryan get back in the studio after Valentine's Day to talk about the upcoming week of fights and much more. The Fighter and The Kid are back in the studio after a long week of shooting their new digital series. Bader card and much more. Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen get back in the studio to talk about the epic weekend of fights and much more.

Brendan and Bryan get in the studio to discuss Ronda Rousey's shocking loss at UFC , the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and much more.

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Brendan is back in the studio with Bryan after spending the weekend at his brother's weddings in Mexico. The guys tackle everything from Halloween …. Author of The Professor in the Cage, Jonathan Gottschall, joins the show to discuss why humans are attracted to fighting. Brendan and Bryan get back together in the studio to talk about their weekends, fights, and much more. Brendan says his final goodbye to the UFC and relives some of his fondest memories of fighting inside the Octagon.

Brendan and Bryan are back in the studio to recap an amazing UFC , the crazy live podcast at the Brea Improv and much more. Brendan and Bryan take a hard stance against a major entertainment company and things take a weird turn quickly. The gang talks about the new projects they have in the works and much more!

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen get back in the studio and the talk quickly shifts to all things animals. Yep —- after abandoning his academic pursuits for three decades to be a rock star, he returned to school in to complete and receive his degree. May couldn't afford the Les Paul and Stratocaster guitars that he really wanted, so he built his own guitar with the help of his father. The 'Red Special' has become the signature instrument associated with Brian's guitar playing and iconic personality. No disrespect to his impressive shock of curly hair.

May heard the theme song and had the idea to record a harder edged version of the theme. Brian has been a fan of 3-D since collecting stereo cards that were distributed as prizes in cereal when he was growing up. He joined the Stereoscopic Society nearly 40 years ago and spent his mornings after Queen concerts visiting shops in search of new items.