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Never mind. The man sat back and puffed on his cigar. By the way, Burrows, how many academies do we have now? Damn it, Burrows! The bald head wagged. I bankrolled the Fountain Project for ten years. Paid for the basic research. You know the protocol. Make it all go away! You awake? Sally asked. The voice was soothing, but the pale green eyes were troubled. Connor felt the warmth of her body seated on the side of his bed, but the hand on his forehead was cool.

He looked around. His roommate, Blake, now dressed, was standing at the foot of the bed.

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She removed her hand from his forehead and forced a smile. Blake tells me you had a rough morning.


Vichu Vishnu marked it as to-read Oct 26, Rahul VJ marked it as to-read Feb 09, He is residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain since , from the age of twenty, and his works appear regularly on Malayalam publications in Kerala. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. Rose Bianco has been working her entire married life in the St. Wilson checked the pulse, pulled back the eyelids, and listened to the heart, all the while mumbling to himself. April 18, , "Soylent Green".

He avoided her eyes, focusing instead on her appearance. She was in academy uniform: white cotton blouse, dark blue blazer, matching pleated skirt, white sox and shoes. She glanced back at Blake then continued talking to the silent Connor. Did you think something happened to me? His head fell back on the pillow. He propped himself up slowly on one elbow, gritting back the pain in his head.

He glanced at his silent friend at the foot of the bed. You, too, Blake. Blake shook his head and said, Look, pal, your head hurts. The Doc left some pain pills. Despite the painful drumbeat inside his skull, Connor persisted. He nudged Sally with his knee. Tell me what happened. You had an accident, you and Victor.

The football game, yesterday afternoon, at the north field.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. S.P. Perone has worked in academic and government Youthanasia: A Novel - Kindle edition by S.P. Perone. Download it . Read Youthanasia by S.P. Perone for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited * books and audiobooks on the web, Youthanasia: A Novel. By S.P. Perone.

You got knocked out. Blake said, Only a few minutes. We got Doc Wilson out of the infirmary. He patched you up and sent you back here. Another lie! Nothing could persuade Victor to spend a weekend with his family. He switched his gaze back to Sally. What about Miss Diamond? Have you seen her since…since our history class? Planting both hands at his sides, Connor willed himself to sit up, despite his throbbing head.

Sally slid to her feet and looked at him with alarm. His head suddenly felt like a hot lead weight. Stop it! Look…look at your arm, Sally. The bruise where I— His head felt like it would explode, but he persisted. And…and your knees— He pointed. His words trailed off. The room spun, and he felt himself falling back in slow motion toward his pillow. He felt nothing, not even pain. Time slowed to a crawl as he observed each tiny movement. He watched Sally move to the bed and reach out for him. As the back of his head burrowed into the soft pillow, her face came into view above him. His thoughts out-raced the stop-action motion of everything around him.

Then, suddenly, he found himself looking down …at himself… at Connor Bright falling back onto the pillow. The eyes were rolling up. The neck muscles were taut. He had no physical awareness of his body. He could see it. And he could see Blake and Sally hovering over it. Here he was, looking down at his body on the bed. It was surreal—a hazy, flat vision. A nightmare! He felt nothing but could hear the chatter between Blake and Sally.

He watched their actions, yet his presence above them went undetected. Am I a spirit? A ghost? The door burst open, and the short, stout figure of Doctor Clark Wilson charged into the room. The beet-red cheeks beneath the rimless glasses and the frazzled gray hair reflected his hasty journey from the infirmary. Is he still out? He pulled up to the bedside, shoved Blake and Sally aside, and placed his bag on the nightstand.

Earlier, though, he was talking crazy.

See a Problem?

Wilson looked from one to the other as Blake nodded to back up Sally. After an awkward moment, Wilson let out his breath and chuckled. I told you he might hallucinate. That was a nasty bump. Wilson checked the pulse, pulled back the eyelids, and listened to the heart, all the while mumbling to himself. Connor saw the nasty gash above his temple. Stitches held it together.

It looked much worse than the imprint of a few teeth. Then the doctor did a curious thing. He glanced up at Sally and Blake and slowly scanned each face. Apparently satisfied with what he saw, the doctor turned to his bag and took out a leather pouch. He removed a small, black item the size of a penlight, fitted with a stainless scalpel tip. He applied the scalpel to the temple, just below the bandage. With deliberate care he traced a pattern near the temple. The doctor used a tweezers to gently lift the flap of skin.

Through the thin layer of blood, Connor could see a shiny surface. It looked like a piece of metal the size of a dime. Wilson pulled another device from his bag—a miniature electrical meter. There were two probes, a large digital display, and a number of switches and lights.

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Then he touched the other to the exposed metal piece. The meter flashed a series of digits. Flipping a switch, he probed the metal piece again. New numbers appeared on the display. Repeating this operation several times, he selected several different reading from the meter. Apparently satisfied with the results, Wilson placed the meter back in his bag and picked up the laser scalpel. He used one hand to carefully fold the skin flap back into place.

Then he applied the laser tip to the U-shaped groove. Using a narrow red laser beam, he re-traced the border of the incision. Remarkably, Connor could see no evidence of the surgery. He watched the doctor admire his work for a moment then glance once more at the silent Blake and Sally. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Youthanasia: A Novel by S. Summary In the coastal mountain area of California, eighteen-year-old Connor Bright is enjoying his senior year at the secluded Teller Academy.

Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Book Preview Youthanasia - S. Perone All rights reserved. Chapter 5 What Is Truth? Then she spoke. Sally knew about Victor and Miss Diamond. He smirked and sneaked a glance at Victor.

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What he saw sucked the breath from his lungs. But there, just above her left breast, was a dark red spot, growing quickly. I warned you! Victor cried. Then the world went away.

Nothing but twisted blankets. What happened? He had expected to be dead. Connor needed to talk to Blake. He tried the handle, and the door opened. Connor cried out, Blake! His startled roommate recoiled and opened his eyes. Connor ignored the question. Is Sally OK? What about Victor? Answer my questions. Sally was there. You, too. Burrows responded calmly.

The angry man sniffed and clamped down on the cigar, glaring at Burrows. Connor Bright will be eliminated. The man wagged his shiny, bald head. All because they lost control of that slut teacher. Wipe it out, the man snapped. Dropping back as if he had been punched, Burrows stammered, Wh…What? Connor grimaced and grunted. But he was looking for something else. Connor showed no reaction. She frowned and asked, What did you think happened?

Finally, he spoke. You must have been dreaming.

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Are you all right? No, damn it! A bullet bounced off my skull! Connor, cut it out. I told you— Blake interjected. Shut up, Blake. He looked at Sally. I heard about it. OK, what did you hear? He messed up his face. Broke a couple teeth, I understand. How long was I out? She also spoke of her struggles with PTSD, anorexia, depression, and the way the country provides support for young people. In December , she spoke to de Gelderlander about not wanting to live any longer. They think I should complete the trauma treatment and that my brain must first be fully grown.

That lasts until you are The sitting in a courtroom has made a huge effect on me. In the wake of the thread, mainstream media outlets that had misreported the death quickly starting making significant changes to their stories. It was originally reported Noa Pothoven, a year-old woman from the Netherlands had died by euthanasia. This is not true. A mistranslation from the original Dutch story led to an assumption of euthanasia.

Euronews, partly owned by NBC, launched an internal inquiry. In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a Euronews spokesperson said its story was published without fact-checking, and was going off the reporting of other news outlets. Following all this international coverage of the story, members of the media have been contacting the family, who have said through a Dutch outlet that they will not be having any interviews. We want nothing to do with this. We want to rest. An earlier version of this post included the outlet in a list of those that did.

Youthanasia: A Novel

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