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How Seattle Gave Up on Busing and Allowed Its Public Schools to Become Alarmingly Resegregated
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But she has lost her way in this book, and dare I say, by conceiving of this as a series at all. She has cheapened Book 1, a stand alone work that is a stellar take on grief, love, recovery, growth etc, by making it this tawdry collection of characters, all coincidentally gay, making their way in sleepy Seattle.

We've read books like that where five remarkable sons, all good-looking, all rich find Cinderella brides and they all lived happily ever after, wash, rinse, repeat.

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Author collects a cheque for each "new" brother book she puts out. I didn't anticipate such here But it is patently obvious. The set up for Marco and Aiden who by the way becomes a complete bastard in this book is already in place, as is that of Evan and Joel. So expect book 3 and 4.

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Puerto Lobos. Much of their advocacy is framed by the fact that the United States will be a "minority-majority" nation by When the bus door opened at Kimball, I stepped out onto a stark concrete playground. October 18, This sets off a chain of events which creates a push-pull between Peter and Sean, just when they were starting to get closer emotionally. He is a frequent wine judge along the West Coast. Zoey cannot see any way off her endless treadmill—until one morning, when she strikes up a conversation with Henry, the elderly barista at her favorite Brooklyn coffee shop.

I, however, am disembarking. View all 6 comments. Aug 16, Anke rated it it was ok. Well, I finished it - that's about the most positive I have to say about it right now. With a title like 'Saving Sean' what do you expect? Saving this Sean from either some emotional turmoil or something like 'The Fugitive' : What you don't expect is saving Sean from the tons of paper his hoarding deceased dad has left behind.

All the driving back and forth of Peter and the storyline with the sister were thoroughly annoying. If Maggie's hangup with Sean's leaving was still that big, why not tell her the truth behind it? Sorry, but after sticking to the story for some pages, this end was rather??? Yes, I'm still a bit aggravated. So, as I'm - at least trying to - always thinking positive, I'll give the next book another try, but if that is another let-down like this one, sorry Ms. Riley, but that then will be the last of it. Aug 16, Vio rated it liked it Shelves: likeable-characters , contemporary , not-as-good-as-the-first , good-and-not-so-good , disappointed , wished-i-could-have-loved-it , not-sure-what-to-think , sister-pissed-me-off , whiny-at-times.

So disappointing, not even close to matching the wonderful and loved first story in the series of After Ben. Dec 30, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: intense , kleenex-worthy , boys-who-love-boys , ginger-go-bragh , romance , own-it , are-library , favorites , swoon-central , goo-is-good. Well, Con Riley broke that rule for me and threw it right out the window.

She threw it out and ran it over with an remodeled RV driven by the cutest couple whose story I really need to read. Sorry, got off on a tangent there for a minute. These books are messing with my thought process and taking up space where all I can think about it them. Oh, another thing about me. I dig a good love triangle and the angst it creates. I adored Peter in After Ben and wanted him to be happy so much though I knew Theo was not the one for him.

So yeah, in After Ben, the third in the triangle meant something, more than anyone in any other book I have ever read and I knew I had to read Peter's story. Knowing a bit of Peter from the first book, I loved that it opens with a phone call from Theo asking Pete for help. Maggie is worried about her brother and since Pete is still traveling and teaching, he is just a few miles away from where Sean lives.

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As Peter wrestles with his still very real feelings for Theo, he sees someone in need of help on the side of the road and Peter, being the damn swoony hero that he is, pulls over and runs across the street to help. This was the best meet cute I have read recently!

Talk about foreshadowing and I loved it! Sean, let me just say not only is he a kindred soul because he is a ginger, but the things he does and believes in, they hit close to home for me. Yeah, this is total insta-love but insta-love done beautifully and with the utmost class. So Peter meets Sean and he helps Sean and then he leaves Sean.

That should not have hurt as much for any of us as it did. Yes, I am including myself in this because I know it hurt Peter to leave, I know it hurt Sean to tell him to leave and dammit, it hurt me to see them apart. Three simple breathless words, NO not those , but the ones Sean gives to Peter just shredded me. Talk about endearing as all hell. Did I mention I adore Peter? I loved that this was a romance between two lost souls finding one another, but I love that this was also another strong story about family. Not just the family that you are born into and what they give you — good and bad — but the family that you surround yourself with.

Also, this was simply about families. Good lord! He was amazing. It was great to see more of Evan and Joel I need their book! I liked how prickly Aiden is and yeah, I bought his book already and am starting it soon. It was great to get bits of Morgan and Theo again as well, to see where they are now and that touch over Marco… Le sigh. Like I said, I liked Peter before but I loved him in this.

I loved who he was and what he brings to the table with Sean. I love how he came to save Sean and got saved right back.

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The writing is gorgeous, the romance is perfectly swoony and these stories stay with me. I can quote you scenes from this and After Ben and want to dive right back into the books and get lost again. The best books for me; the make me feel, the make me want to do nothing but read and they make me fall in love. Con Riley has hit all those points and then some for me and I am blessed. Books like this, don't come along for me everyday. As I said at the start, this book, this series has broken so many of my rules, it deserves the all the stars and then some. I am sure I could see all those stars I would give it on the roof of a Jeep with four chickens pecking their way around me.

Sep 19, Tutu rated it it was ok. I honestly cannot believe it took me one month to read this book. I had 4 tries but finally I finished it. It was really frustrating, but because I loved After Ben I wanted very much to give this a chance. I loved Peter, he was really sweet but the whole plot was tiring.

Maybe it would have been better. As it was, this whole story was just confusing. The end was not satisfying. This was not a story for me. And the author had this thing where she eliminated the dialogue by having Peter retell it. Very confusing also. And I think I used I times in this review Sep 01, AnnaLund rated it it was amazing Shelves: reread-twice , romance-to-the-unf-teenth-degree , m-m-romance , brilliant-imagery , oh-the-giggles-kill-me , top-read-of This book gives you all the feelings.

Both Sean and Peter ring true, and really connect.

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Broken, but trying to save himself, Sean is a young man who is overwhelmed. By fate, life, and death. Enter Peter. This Peter that I had only se This book gives you all the feelings. This Peter that I had only seen glimpses of in the first book, After Ben, is now a fully fledged character, a real person, to me. And most certainly, to Sean. I know a lot of people would never do what Peter did, they would walk away and let Sean deal on his own.

It is so good to read a story about someone who cares. And, by all that is holy, Peter cares. Then you have all the giggles. Now, a winning book concept, for me, is all the feelings combined with giggle-snorts. That shit just does me in. I have to go and erect stronger firewalls. Brilliant boy, Jack. After Peter had broken his. And then he takes on the whole neighborhood, too. What a man. Quite the way to live your life, truly. When Sean threw himself at Peter, scaling him like a tree and just trusted Peter to be strong enough to hold his weight?

That sealed it for me. That image is where the fifth star came dancing in—third and fourth came already in the vivid descriptions of people and places. Especially people. The way Con Riley describes Sean, he appears like an autumn dream, copper, chestnut, freckles and amber eyes. It is as if he were right here in front of me. That braid? Oh, my.

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A Seattle Stories novel. Nearly a year after being rejected for another man, Seattle paramedic Peter Morse is still pining, so when the one that got away asks him. Saving Sean (Seattle Stories Book 2) - Kindle edition by Con Riley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

That braid. The cover is absolutely stunning, the soft touch of a reverent hand. And that braid. Oh, my, that braid. That is quite a knack you have there, Author. I did, however, receive it as a present, so for once I did not pay with my own money, as I usually do for all the books I read, all the music I listen to and the movies I watch. However, after reading this, I went to Dreamspinner Press and bought a personal copy of it, so that I can give it away as a present, too.

ETA: 18 August —Just read this again, going through the whole series, and the emotions are even greater. Sep 01, Blue Bayou. There are several other reviews that cover the good and bad. So I'm just going to give my immediate thoughts: view spoiler [ I read After Ben not more than a week ago and I was so confused with who was who in Saving Sean. And who I thought someone was didn't match their personality in this book.

Except for Marco, Italian or not, nice or not, someone Theo should tell him he's an adult and its unacceptable to crawl into other peoples beds, unless invited. Maggie was a great friend in After Ben howe There are several other reviews that cover the good and bad. Maggie was a great friend in After Ben however she was a horrible sister in Saving Sean.

The two don't match up at all. Peter wasn't a blurter in After Ben. Couldn't figure out why they even liked one another. And Sean's constant running when he can't handle something? Yeah that was silly. I loved loved loved After Ben. It wasn't perfect and no book really is but it had characters with stories and hearts.

This book had stories but no real heart. Aug 17, Heller rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , m-m. I had a hard time connecting to the characters in this one and I enjoyed it but the story didn't resonant with me like After Ben. I was happy to see a story focusing on Peter but he seemed pretty lost for a large chunk of this and not as strong as I remember him from the first book.

I did enjoy how Peter was able to solve Morgan's issue with Marco. This was a good read and good story but suffers in comparison to the first of the series. Sep 30, Jess Candela rated it liked it Shelves: m-m , jessewave-reviews , read-in Review Summary: A decent book that fell far short of the standard set by the first. Review: Though I got engrossed in this one faster than After Ben , my enthusiasm waned around the middle and by the end I was frustrated. Insta-love, a main couple planning HEA for reasons that weren't clear to me, gratuitous sex once the heroes got together, and formerly likeable characters who were now obnoxious did not result in a sequel that lived up to the standard set by the first book.

Given my pet peeve ab Review Summary: A decent book that fell far short of the standard set by the first. Given my pet peeve about insta-love, having these guys saying "I love you" and planning to live together after knowing each other only a week was just too much too soon for me. Granted, people do it. And I found it plausible that Ben had done it with Theo. It just takes That was an especially striking and disappointing contrast after the wonderfully slow build of the first book.

When it ended with everything so neatly wrapped up and the two guys ready to live HEA after just a week, I finished with an urge to throw my ereader across the room. Which is not to say this wasn't a good book. It was, just not a great one. I adored the relationship between Peter and his father, and how it was explored and healed in the course of the book.

I think that was my favorite part of the book, and Peter's dad was one of my favorite characters. I was delighted to see he had an incipient romance of his own by the end. The other characters, however, were disappointing in various ways. Peter didn't seem quite the same man whose story I had so eagerly anticipated. He was more insecure, which could be a result of being in his POV; many people come across as more confident than they really are. But I also didn't remember him having logorrhea in the first book, so I had to adjust my perception of him as he blurted out every thought that crossed his mind.

And I can't imagine that someone who's spent as much time alone as Sean wouldn't want to shove a sock in his mouth at some point. Maybe it works for them because Sean shoves something much more fun into Peter's mouth? As for Sean, I never quite made up my mind about him. He appeared a weak victim when Peter first met him, then quickly demonstrated himself to be self-reliant and pretty darn good at it.

But then he had these odd moments of childishness which came seemingly out of nowhere. Given his isolated childhood, I guess I could find it plausible, but it definitely wasn't appealing. Given Peter's need to help people and Sean's obvious immediate need for assistance, I could see what drew them together in the first place. That's a great recipe for a short fling, but not necessarily sufficient long term. I never really figured out what connected them beyond that enough to make HEA likely, or even desirable.

Especially not when we got so few details about how, realistically, it might work. After the first book, I wished for better for Peter. Or at least the Peter from the first book, who wasn't necessarily the same guy in this one. I also liked other characters from the first book much less in this one. I adored Maggie in After Ben , but was very frustrated with her in this one. She's described as having issues that would make anyone cranky to put it mildly , so I decided to excuse the radical changes in her personality as being due to those factors.

But having to consciously decide that meant I was pulled out of the story to think about it. And it was disappointing to see a favorite character become barely likable. I'm hoping that this book was a case of sophomore slump and that the next book s will be better. This one wasn't bad, it just didn't live up to the standard set by the first and I'm nervous now that I'll like the third book even less.

I'm almost tempted to skip that one and just wait for the fourth book I hope will follow and focus on Joel and Evan. I still adore them, individually and together. Then, if I love that one, I could see going back and giving Book 3 a try. What I'll probably do, though, is go into Book 3 with much lower expectations. Expectations can make all the difference, and I might have liked Saving Sean more if mine hadn't been set so high by After Ben. I used the word 'disappointing' a lot in this review, and I think that was the key.

If you go into it expecting 'decent' rather than 'great' especially if you like insta-love , you'll probably enjoy it. This review was originally posted at Reviews by Jessewave , where I received the book for free in exchange for an honest review. View all 15 comments.

Aug 16, Snowtulip rated it liked it Shelves: m-m , own. The slow burn and emotional progession and growth that made me love book one are not present in this book. However, this is still a good read, just not what I was waiting for. Sean and Peter work great together, I wish there wasn't so much sex This review is a bit fragmented, but that is how the story was for me.

My absolute favorite thing a 3. My absolute favorite thing about this book was Peter and his dad, that's a relationship and a story that really has promise and I fully enjoyed seeing the history and what the future can look like for these two. Overall, a good read, just don't expect the same depth as book one. Audiobook narrated by JP Handler I was excited to read this story because of how much I enjoyed After Ben , the first book in this series, however, this story fell far short.

Against his better judgment, he agrees. What he finds is a young man lying along the road, having been apparently hit by a car which peels away as Peter approaches. The young man turns out to be Sean, and after Peter administers immediate first aid, Sean gets up and runs into the woods.

Publisher's Summary

But Maggie wants the cabin sold as quickly as possible because of her financial debts, and when Peter reports back to her on the state of the cabin, she in turn, reports it to the local fire marshal. This sets off a chain of events which creates a push-pull between Peter and Sean, just when they were starting to get closer emotionally. Peter finds out that Sean and Maggie both have different versions of why Sean first left home and they continue to have misunderstandings and poor communication. Does he help with that? I became so frustrated with Peter and his stupid decisions that I was ready to walk away from the story.

And Sean? When Peter is kicked out and returns home, one circumstance leads to another, and he finds himself reconciling with his father after many years of estrangement. Apparently, his teen perception of his father was wrong. Vic is apparently the professor who is helping Sean with his research for his degree, but he appears a little too friendly. Jealousy, of course, rears its ugly head, but eventually everything is straightened out, and Peter and Sean spend the night together getting much better acquainted. More misunderstandings and struggles occur the next day and the cast of characters who are troubled or just outright fighting with each other is amazing.

Peter is feuding with Aiden and with Vic. Vic is just being obnoxious. At this point, I just wanted the story to end. But there was much more to come. When they finally have the cabin cleared, Sean is still objecting to getting rid of things and after many more pages and minutes of listening , Joel and Evan seem to be on to something.

Peter finally has a light bulb moment and realizes that Sean is extremely intelligent and he feels like a dope for not seeing that sooner. Really, how could he? I wanted to smack her so many times, it was ridiculous. She was totally self-centered and far from the supportive character we knew in After Ben. Joel and Evan were terrific, however, and were actually the best characters in the whole story.

They then planned and executed the arguments necessary to get Sean and Maggie what they both needed by the end of this saga. The story seemed to drag on forever. Note: This audiobook was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review. Oct 17, SheReadsALot rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , geeky-main-character , review-books , angst , damaged-hero , m-m-romance , redheaded-ginger-carrottops-delish , part-of-a-series.

Both books can be read as stand alone books but I didn't follow that Here's why: though technically yes, you don't need to read "After Ben" first If I didn't read Morgan my love or Theo my other love or Maggie my s-hero from book 1 among some other great secondary characters I'll shout 'em out later , I wouldn't have liked them as much especially Maggie.

Her attitude went down major points in this book. And why is Maggie integral to a MM Romance you may ask? Why she's Theo's personal assistant and sister to Sean, one of the main characters of "Saving Sean". Sean is Maggie's younger brother, some sort of ecological genius. And Peter Morse our Theo-obsessed paramedic which we meet and I crushed on from "After Ben" finally gets his man as he is Sean's love interest. How these two meet? Peter, being asked to find Maggie's brother who leaves "off the grid" in the woods, comes across as bloodied man being attacked with a vehicle on a road.

After Peter does his paramedic duty, what does Sean do? He runs It took me awhile to understand Sean's mindset and where he was coming from. It also took me awhile to care. I think I was slowly invested when I saw how Maggie acted towards her brother. The woman who I met in "After Ben" help carry her boss and friend Theo, set up and support Theo's interns budding love interest was not in "Saving Sean". She was disappointing as a character and because she was when Sean is compared to her I guess he's not as bad.

This book is good but compared to the first book? Not as good. My rating for this book relies heavily on the secondary characters Aidan - where can I find me one? Sean's lack of reaction to his grief and his self made more sense as the story progressed but I felt the writing could have been cut down by a quarter - to a third as the depth to Sean and Maggie's father's hoarding was a bit too much. And the chemistry between Sean and Peter? It was a bit surprising at first because Sean just liked Peter after being rude to him out of nowhere.

Maybe if more of Sean's POV was shared in the story, it would have made him more relatable. He went from 0 to with no in between. Not like Peter where the reader could see his internal struggle and I loved that even after 'falling' for Sean, his feelings for Theo didn't automatically disappear -there's no cheating but I liked that the author relayed this. Apparently there's the argument of Sean not deserving Peter. I think these two will be good for each other in the long run.

Does Sean deserve Peter?

Aiden's Luck

Sure, he's a fan-tab guy. Eh, he's flawed and has some hang ups but he's not that bad. After reviewing my notes on this book what I was left with was a damaged young man Sean being kicked out at a young age for being gay, living on his own for years and having to return to help his despised deceased father's last wishes. Peter, still looking for love in what he thought was the right places but finding love in the most unexpected one. The sex between the two was not instant which was nice. The passion between both men not as solid as "After Ben" where those two just needed to breathe in the same room and a fire extinguisher needed to be on standby.

So is this a readable book? Should you read the series in order? I suggest so. Is this a good MM romance novel? Fans of more realistic contemporary MM romance fiction, should definitely give this author a try. Nov 07, Karel rated it did not like it. Broke down the review to parts: On the writing: Saving Sean highlights some problems with the writing. These problems existed in After Ben too, but are even worse here in SS. The story tends to jump ahead, then rewind and explain something that happened earlier.

While I've got nothing against that per se, it gets really annoying when pretty much every chapter starts like that - to the point where I don't even know if something is happening now or earlier sometimes. On the characters: Then there's the Broke down the review to parts: On the writing: Saving Sean highlights some problems with the writing.

On the characters: Then there's the characters. Marco and Morgan were delightful. Morgan's short appearance and his description of Marco, as well as Marco's call to Peter were the best part of the whole book - which is pretty sad when you consider that they took up less than five pages. The MCs on the other hand Peter started out strong - both from the first book and this one. He seemed confident, though you can't really tell what kind of person he is.

One book later, you still can't pinpoint what exactly he is. He feels like a vague lump of a character, instead of a properly constructed one. And then there's Sean. One of the worst characters I have the misfortune to read, and I wanted to quit halfway because I couldn't stand him. He's a whiny, selfish brat and there's no two-ways about it. Yes, he needed closure after his father passes away, but he didn't have to be a brat about it.

Yelling at Peter, running away at every opportunity, throwing people out at the slightest provocation - he reads like an unbalanced man who needs help instead of some mad genius. As for Maggie and Mike I'm just going to mentally white-out their existence in this book. Liked Maggie in the first one, despised her here. I can understand monetary worries, but their behaviour, to put it simply, were downright bitchy. On the plot: So many problems here I don't even know where to start.

Diaz Household

Peter has been hung up about Theo and Morgan's relationship for months. But he suddenly drops it at the sight of the both of them happy? One second he's constantly thinking about Theo and then poof - not even mentioned for the rest of the book? Not believable at all. Peter's known Sean for all of a week, and suddenly they're joined at the hip? I'll expect this from shifter and vampire stories, but not something as emotionally mature as this. It clashes with the tone of the story, so much so that I'm left with a 'Huh?

When the hell did that happen? I'd go so far as to say that it's even worse than shifter stories - because at least those make some kind of supernatural excuse for it, however flimsy. But real, sane people just don't act that way, especially considering Sean's behaviour. HEAs are a given in romance stories. I would have respected, even loved the author if she view spoiler [forced Sean to own up to his hoarding tendencies and let go of his father's work. Instead, the work JUST had to be meaningful, and not just meaningful, but the key to saving their home?

And not just saving it either - they get paid for some other plot of land, given enough money to help Maggie, Sean doesn't lose his home, and everything's a-okay? Completely unconvincing. Verdict: SS was awful, and the fact that its only saving grace were five pages' worth of secondary characters says much about it. After Ben put up a standard that this didn't live up to. I'm still looking forward to a Marco-Aiden story, but only because Marco has been a very promising character thus far. This is, I think, my first book by this author.

I've read lots of amazing reviews on her works and was eagerly anticipating digging into this one for a challenge. This has some moments, but ultimately they cannot save the book for me. I would have loved to do 2 stars because I nearly never do 1 star if I finish a book but the audio telling of this was, at times, so terribly dreadful I simply cannot make myself add that extra star.

34 Years In California Prison Part 1: Jamie Morgan Kane - True Crime Podcast 1

I literally was gritting my te 1. I literally was gritting my teeth through parts of it. There were a few times when it was much better - but overall I cannot recommend it. Peter was just boring - all his internal thoughts which sometimes don't make a ton of sense, then somehow he thought something and another character responded to it.

Super confusing. In the beginning when he was doing his training and such he seemed like an interesting, likable, affable guy - but unfortunately that lasted very few pages. All that time in his head was painful. Then you have Sean - who, frankly, acted like a toddler. I felt like he spent so much time with a hair trigger anger reaction I could not understand why any man, in his right mind, would even consider him for a partner. A one nighter? Maybe - but I still didn't see the draw in spite of the times we are told about his physical characteristics too much.

Although I didn't care for Peter at all by the end I was like "that poor man.. I seriously think Sean needs major psych help - some time as an in patient perhaps. And the others? Jack from the library is actually good and Peter's Dad was fine Theo and Morgan give a few bright moments - but Maggie - that chick takes the cake.

What an awful terrible person! It did sort of reinforce that I thought Sean had major issues given they are siblings - but she was so hateful and selfish and full of herself I did not read After Ben and I'm a bit scared to now but the reviews say she was different in that one. So perhaps Sean's bipolar disorder or whatever is going on with him is genetic and she has it too in a different form.

In any case - anytime the narrator started with her voice I wanted to spit. Just yuck. Once I got to the point where I really disliked both main characters Peter for being such a complete pushover who seemed to exist to placate Sean and not make him angry - abuse anyone? It felt endless - and I feel terrible because I am reasonably sure this author has real writing chops - and perhaps I am just not the right person to read this book as I cannot engage with these types of characters. If they were my friends I would have likely advised Peter to get a clue and get someone new and told Sean to go take a hike and grow up.

One thing is for certain - whatever you do - I cannot recommend the audio. View 1 comment. Sep 25, Serena Yates rated it really liked it Shelves: read , gay. In book one, Theo lost his long-term partner, Ben, and had a very hard time moving on. Peter is a dedicated paramedic and good enough at his job to be traveling around so he can teach others. There is only one problem - Peter will have to learn to ask for help. Sean is a troubled man. Black sheep. He is dedicated, worried about the environment, and passionate.

His father had been trying to stop a project many people have an interest in making happen, and now that Sean steps in, he finds himself physically threatened. Sep 24, Anyta Sunday rated it really liked it. Like with After Ben , there are so many things to love about this book. These are the things I thought worked well: 1 Once again, the author delivers clever, well-written sentences, that bring imagery and emotion to the forefront.

Her hook was 3. Her hook was good, I loved the idea of the house in the woods that was so full of papers and hoarded goods. I really thought this was an interesting setting to have the story and I was, at first, eager to find out why all of the papers and documents were so important for Sean. More on my conclusion of this further down. I loved some of the humor—and once or twice, I chuckled aloud. There was generally a lot to like in this book, and there are most definitely things to praise in the writing. However, there were a couple of things that didn't quite do it for me.

In the end, the solution to the plot problem was very simple—too simple. Also, unfortunately, Sean never really had to prove his character growth. One side character that does sound interesting, though, was Aiden. I am curious to read about his story. All in all, I liked this story but wished I could have loved it. I look forward to the next in the Seattle Stories series.