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Diagnosing Double Vision in Adults
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There are three different types of diplopia: Binocular double vision — both eyes do not work together as they should, and double vision disappears if you cover one eye Monocular double vision — double vision is present in only one eye, which leads to a ghosting effect where the two images are only slightly separated Physiological double vision — occurs when only background images, or images not being focused on, appear to be doubled.

This type of diplopia is usually the issue when a child complains of seeing double. Cornea — Problems with the cornea, which does most of the focusing on incoming light, can lead to double vision in one eye only. A common lens problem that can lead to diplopia is a cataract. Eye muscles — If a muscle in one eye is weaker than the other, then the two eyes will not move smoothly together and can cause double vision.

Muscle problems can result from: Myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune illness that blocks the stimulation of the muscles by the nerves inside the head. If normal vision does not return quickly, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Diagnosing double vision can be challenging for an eye specialist because there are so many possible causes. An article from the American Academy of Ophthalmology website states:.

Binocular Diplopia

The cause may be as rare as Wernicke encephalopathy or as common as convergence insufficiency. If the double vision is monocular, it means that the problem is more likely to be within the eye, rather than in the nerves. It is likely to be less serious.

Spatial Inattention

Physical signs of double vision include :. Astigmatism: This refers to an abnormally curved cornea. Corrective glasses or contact lenses often can counteract the curvature and correct the passage of incoming light into the eye. Cataracts: Surgery is usually the best option. The surgical procedure removes the clouding and the cause of the double vision. Complications include infection, pain, and possibly continued blurry or double vision, but prompt treatment can usually resolve these.

Dry eye : If the eyes do not produce enough tears or dry out too quickly, they can become inflamed and sore. This can result in double vision. Often, a prescription for tear substitute eye drops will relieve symptoms. A stick-on prism, placed between the eyes at the center of the spectacle frame, can also help to realign the images from each eye. Exercises cannot treat many of the conditions that cause double vision. However, some exercises can help with convergence insufficiency.

The effectiveness of these exercises is largely restricted to treating convergence insufficiency.

Help! I’m Seeing Double!

Article last updated by Adam Felman on Mon 30 July All references are available in the References tab. Double vision. Double vision: Information for patients. Facts about cataract. Graves' disease. Convergence insufficiency.

No need to suffer from double vision with Graves' disease

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and nervous system. Learn more about the causes and many treatments of double vision. Why am I seeing double? Last updated Mon The definition of diplopia is simple: It means double vision — that is, seeing two separate or overlapping images of the same object when you should only be.

Conditions that affect the cranial nerves supplying the muscles that control the eyes can cause binocular diplopia. Double vision can also be a symptom of a stroke , an aneurysm, or head or facial trauma, especially around the eye socket.

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Sometimes, binocular double vision becomes apparent only when a person moves the eyes in a certain direction, such as up or down or far to the left or right. A person with binocular diplopia can eliminate the double image by covering one eye.

What is diplopia?

Back to top. Expression that refers to when you are hammered , drunk etc, to the point at which you get double vision and are unable to see properly. Many stroke survivors report vision difficulties, including poor visual memory, decrease in balance, decreased depth perception and reading problems. The condition can affect balance, movement, and reading ability. In other words, you're so far gone you see everything in 'doubles'. You should be able to see normally if the affected eye is covered, but double vision continues when the unaffected eye is covered.

To diagnose double vision, your doctor relies on your medical history, including your symptoms. Your doctor asks if you see a double image with both eyes open or with one closed and if closing one eye makes the double image disappear.

Seeing Double

This helps the doctor to determine which eye muscles are affected. He or she asks about the severity and duration of your symptoms and any factors that may aggravate or relieve double vision. He or she also wants to know if you have experienced any recent head trauma or a concussion. NYU Langone specialists use several diagnostic tools to determine whether double vision has a neurological or mechanical cause. It can occur as a result of a problem with the eye muscles, the nerves that control eye movement, or the neuromuscular junction—the space where nerves connect to the muscles they control.