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In I took some vacation time from language school to visit friends in England. I had been learning French for seven months, and frequently worshipped God in French at my local French church, during our weekly school worship times, and even alone. I had gotten to the point of being comfortable enough with some songs to be able to focus more on God than on how to pronounce the words, or what notes to sing.

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My daily time with God was in English, but corporate worship was in French. That Sunday in August, though, I sat toward the front of the church, and as we stood and began to sing, I began to cry. These songs were familiar and in a style that resonated deeply with me my heart music. I was singing in my heart language, surrounded by believers who were also singing in my heart language, and we were getting ready to be taught the Word of God in my heart language.

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It was a beautiful, special moment, and my heart overflowed with thankfulness to God as I sang through my tears. My heart is also stirred for those who have never had the opportunity to sing to the Lord in their heart language and with their heart music. Relating to God through a foreign language sets up hurdles in worship. I want believers to know the joy of singing to the Lord in their heart music style, with their instruments, and in their heart language.

I want them to have a biblical perspective on music and worship. It was this desire, then, that led me to facilitate a music and song composition workshop in northern Kenya. The town of Dukana is situated approximately miles north of Nairobi, with the last four or five hours of the drive off the main road, heading towards the mountains and the Ethiopian border. Here, by the invitation of Eddie and Rachel Andersen, approximately 40 believers gathered together, less than half of the expected turnout because of last minute travel complications.

Artist Gives 80s Hit ‘Africa’ Permanent Desert Home

God knew, however, that this smaller gathering would allow for greater discussion and interaction between people groups, and so we welcomed two individuals Kamba and Rendille as well as groups of Gabbra, Borana, and Dasaanach believers. Meeting from early in the morning until late in the evening, our three-day workshop was seeped in Scripture. We may even listen to Christian music or sing on our own.

But why do we say music is important? How do we determine what kinds of songs should be sung, and which instruments should or should not be used?

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Not that he can realize them, he must either change them or perish. Following the arrangement of the text, three cycles of harmonies were composed to serve as the basis for the individual movements. Waveform will be available soon! Rock guitars, typical orchestral passages and a lot of power! In fact, three forms of poetry we consider music. Classical-Orchestra , Pop-Orchestra.

Can song be used to address significant cultural issues in a biblical way? Is song-writing reserved for a special, select few?

These are issues that we discussed together over the course of our three-day workshop. We discussed what God says about music in both the Old and New Testaments, and saw in Scripture that God delights in our music, but not if our hearts are far from Him. Throughout the workshop, participants remarked several times on the significance of a clean heart in worship. We also considered the use of instruments both positively and negatively in Scripture, and the biblical teaching of worship as a lifelong, daily activity instead of simply the singing time at church.

But one man thinks so highly of the song he decided to create a permanent home for it in the desert. He lives in the southern African nation of Namibia.

Bedouin music and poetry

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Music Of The Deserts on Discogs. So that I always have just the right music for any setting or situation. bottom of this story (Seriously, I'm always looking for more desert songs).

Siedentopf has placed six loud speakers in an empty, sandy area of the Namib Desert. The speakers sit together in a group. A video from his website demonstrates how the music mixes with wind and other natural desert sounds. Yet the Namibian-German artist has yet to say exactly where his Africa tribute is. An image on his website identifies an area where it can be found, but it seems to cover most of the Namib. It covers land in Namibia, Angola and South Africa. So unless Siedentopf provides more information on where his creation is, you will have a lot of difficulty finding it.

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By the way, the artist says he plans to keep playing the song for a very long time. Siedentopf told the BBC that since the Namib is 55 million years old, he hopes Africa would keep playing in the desert for another 55 million years. But he admitted the severe conditions in the desert will surely damage the equipment over time. The band Toto enjoyed the height of popularity in the s. It won the Grammy Award for best record album in February That year, its song Rosanna won the Grammy for best record.

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The song Africa has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Rolling Stone magazine says a big reason for this was that that the American pop-punk band Weezer recorded the song last year. Toto has also been the subject of many internet memes. Even before all the recent attention, Africa was already one of the most streamed songs in the world, Billboard.

It is not the first time someone has honored Africa with an original creation.