A Heifer of the Dawn & Love And Death

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Virginia Ranch has a half sister working for them as well. Polled bull or heifer calf, think of the potential of this cross.

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We feel it is a great privilege to showcase our cattle along side some of the best producers of Simmental Genetics Internationally. We look forward to seeing all our life long friends at the sale and meeting any new fellow Simmental enthusiasts, and encourage anyone interested in the cattle to contact either Dallas or Dan at any time prior to the sale to set up a coffee date and cow tour. We are wishing all fellow farmers the best of luck for the Fall harvest, and excited to think that when we all meet at the sale in December we can celebrate the Western Harvest together!

Suicides, Then Mystery In Deaths of 3 Heifers

Elvira is our Sale feature this year. Even though she is the youngest of our offering this year she is the most balanced, thick and complete of the girls we have brought for your consideration. She has very strong maternal qualities and should be a heavy milking cow thanks to the Anchor T Impact influence. From our past experience, any cows with Impact in their pedigree turn out to be phenomenal productive cows, and excellent herd sire bulls.

The temperaments of the Waylon offspring have made it so enjoyable to work with the cattle. We are very excited to offer a new bunch of females out of Waylon to fellow Simmental fans! We have used Waylon extensively on both cows and heifers, and even on a few purebreds and are very happy with the progeny and excited about the future of them. Elenor is a very elegant, beautiful girl and she knows it and shows it! She has a striking colour pattern and is very tame.

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She gets her stand out show appeal from her mother, our Keato 6Y cow, who is a farm favourite because of her personality and superb conformation. Both Dam and Sire have great feet, temperament and natural overall thickness. Elenor has great maternal qualities and if she follows in her mothers footsteps will go on to be a very fertile, productive matron.

She is bred to Primo on April 5. It will be exciting to see her calf that will be born in January. This cross has worked well for us producing easy fleshing females with lots of maternal power. Look at the milk EPD on her! The Dam Eagle Ridge Beyonce 2B, is a very nice moderate framed cow that milks hard and raises one of our better calves year after year. We like the moderate frame that Waylon has put on these girls, along with the natural muscle shape, great temperament, and flashy dark colour. We are looking forward to the calf out of the mating to BEE Primo- a nice dark red sire.

This girl has a lot of performance and is a long bodied female with solid red pigmentation. Emma has good feet and a nice tidy udder. We used him on heifers last year with great success. This combination should make for an exciting January calf. Eagle Ridge Edith is a deep bodied Waylon daughter with lots of pigmentation. We have been very happy with the Applecross Waylon offspring, they have mostly been polled and have dark pigment and have been born easy. This heifer is bred to our new herd sire Bee Primo E, who was the high selling fleckveih bull at Beechinors Bull sale for The new owner can look forward to a nice dark red calf that will be born easily and most likely will be polled.

Eagle Ridge Everly is a perfect example of the neat little group of females we have raised out of our Eagle Ridge Justice 2A Black White faced herd-sire. All of the Justice daughters have a really nice quiet temperament. When we started into the black genetics we Chose Bata Bros. Justice to breed to our best Red blazed face BodyBuilder Cow. The females out of Justice are outstanding in the fact that they have great, tidy udders and really milk hard. Also the Justice offspring have great growth.

Everly is the perfect combination of maternal and performance qualities, and we think she will have the same longevity as her Dam has had for us. Every one has that one cow, and as time goes on, Cow Family, that hits it out of the park every year, well Eagle Ridge Roxanne 60R is one of our purebred cows that has been a real herd building foundation female for us.

We have sold a few females out of her as well as kept some. Roxanne has been an honest hard working female, that passes on her outstanding maternal qualities. Eagle Ridge Elantra is a heifer that we feel has potential to be a true herd Matron one day. She has the perfect balance of what we like to see in her calving ease and maternal qualities and growth and performance characteristics. I sire for our heifers over the last several years and have been very happy with the daughters out of him.

Elantra is A. I bred early to Harvie Red Summit. We will be excited to hear what she has for a calf and have all the confidence that it will come easy, and grow quickly. A herd full of easy- calving, fast growing, heavy weaning, attractive looking calves! After consulting with Jay, and with his suggestion that the Western Harvest would be a better option, we decided to bring our very best replacements here. We look forward to presenting them in Innisfail, catching up with all the Western Harvest consignors and visiting with you when you stop by! Orphaned at four months of age when mom got into the alfalfa, 1E had a considerable disadvantage to the rest of the heifers.

It says a lot about her to see her now. A deep bodied individual with a classy blaze, she has developed into what will be a very useful addition in any herd. A favourite of ours since very early on. The Prime Beef heifers have the rib shape and body depth that contributes to their overall attractiveness. A flashy dark red heifer complete with a blaze, and the first female to sell that is sired by Ultra Mr Absolute 9C. He gave us a good group of bulls to sell at the Spectrum sale this spring, and his daughters look very promising as well.

A red calf sired by our own black herdsire. She has the spring of rib, depth of flank and width of hip to become a classic brood cow. Karen 11K was flushed twice at 12 years of age and gave 24 1 embryos. Pretty awesome for an older cow. The exceptional length is a trademark of 11K, along with the hip width. Another daughter of Absolute 9C and from a cow that has consistently produced offspring that index at the top of the herd.

We expect no less from this girl.

A Heifer of the Dawn & Love And Death

Length and depth again exhibited here with lots of performance. The dam always brings home a top performing calf. Sherry and I are happy to be part of the Western Harvest Sale once again this year. They are are very similar in type with good feet under them. The heifers were ultra sounded on Aug 27 and in the Vets opinion should be safe to A. I dates.

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A Heifer of the Dawn & Love And Death book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. A Heifer of the Dawn Author Francis. Re:a heifer of the dawn love and death. How to Deal with DeathThe Ultimate Guide to Handling Death Death Death Note Death of SantiniDeath of a Salesman .

A blaze faced heifer that is deep bodied and will make a real nice cow. These Boundary Stubby heifers could have been cut with cookie cutter, all very sound and will make real nice cows. I should be keeping this heifer. We have two full sisters to this heifer at home, one calved last spring raising a nice Absolute heifer calf that is in the replacement pen. The other sister is in the replacement pen this fall, right near the top. This heifer goes back to the Mader Word Class bull on the bottom side that walked our pastures and laid a strong foundation for our black program.

This heifer should follow in her Dams foots steps and make a good cow. We really like what Boots has done for us they are consistent in type and color and look like they will make real nice cows. We shipped the Dam of this heifer last fall and it was a sad day she was a favorite for sure. This heifer has a little white bolt on her face and we like her very much. Good length, dark red, should be a nice cow. On behalf of myself and my husband Steve we would like to welcome you to the Western Harvest Sale.

We have admired this sale for many years and are honoured to be asked to join it. We are extremely proud of the four breds we are consigning. All four were top heifers in our keeper pen but we wanted to show a good representation of our herd, so here they are. For this being a severe drought year, they did extremely well and are very easy keeping. We cannot say enough good things about this bull and I think the combination with the heifers will be a great match.

I have to say, Mission has probably been the easiest calving bull we have ever used on heifers. On his first crop of calves he brought the gestation down by days, even on cows, so watch them closely! They were ultrasound on October Feel free to stop by and see the heifers in person. Coffee is always on. Enjoy the sale! Red Velvet was a favorite from the moment she was born.

When I first saw her, I knew she would be something special. A nice, deep bodied female, friendly disposition and a good udder are in the works here. A cow family that can raise either heifers or bulls. Being a daughter out of United is the cherry on the top and let me tell you, United is leaving some tremendous heifers in our herd. Bred to Mission, these heifers will be spitting those calves out like chewing gum.

Highly unlikely any other heifer offspring from her mother will be sold again. Especially a United daughter. Observed bred February 20 and March Preg tested safe to March 26 breeding. Meet Marishka. She is incredible. If I were to go out on a limb, I would say she is probably my favorite heifer of the ones on offer. Another heifer that came out of the keeper pen that I had plans on taking to the next level, but once again I wanted to showcase our herd and she should do it all.

Quick growth, easy keeping, good feet and udders, nice temperament, good mothering. Being bred to Mission, she should bring in the pigmentation like her mother usually does. I would no doubt buy a daughter of hers in the future. Infiniti is a heifer I always admired as a calf, but as she grew the more she got noticed. Not just by me but by visitors to the farm. I think of all the heifers we kept back she improved the most and jumped to the front of the pack by the time weaning came.

She is a deep bodied heifer and I think of the 4 on offer has the widest topline. If you were to look at all the offspring of her granddam Mandy and her mother Mindy you would see the consistency in them. They all look identical, no matter who the sire is. The easiest cow family to predict in my herd. Maternal and fertility are strong suits here as well as good udders and feet not to mention docility. As time goes on, I think Infiniti could be a top cow in any herd.

She is a quiet young cow who just stays in the back of the herd minding her own business and getting the job done. She was one of the high sellers in the Western Harvest sale a couple of years back that we bought from Virginia Ranch with the intent of purchasing another, but when we saw her we really felt she was the one to get. We knew she was going to have a perfect udder and be structurally correct and raise great calves.

This is only Billie-Jeans second calf and we feel she did a great job!

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Sort order. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo. He joined the movement for India's freedom from British rule and for a duration —10 , became one of its most important leaders, before turning to developing his own vision and philosophy of human progress and spiritual evolution. The central theme of Sri Aurobindo's vision is the evolution of life into a "life divine". In his own words: " Man is a transitional being. T Allah! Supreme o'er transient storms of tragic Fate, Deep-rooted in the waters of all Time, What legions loosed from many a far-off clime Of wild-bee hordes with lips insatiate, And hungry winds with wings of hope or hate, Have thronged and pressed round thy miracu- lous prime To devastate thy loveliness, to drain The midmost rapture of thy glorious heart.

But who could win thy secret, who attain Thine ageless beauty born of Brahma's breath, Or pluck thine immortality who art Coeval with the Lords of Life and Death? Ya Waheed! Ya Quavi! We are the shadows of Thy Light, We are the secrets of Thy might. The visions of thy primal dream, Ya Rahman! Ya Raheem! That hold Love's ancient mystery As hide the lips of limpid shells Faint tones of the remembered sea, You murmur of enchanted rites, Of sobbing breath and broken speech, Sweet anguish of rose-scented nights And wild mouths calling each to each Or mute with yearning ecstasy.

Cattle-bells Cattle-bells! What gracious memories you bring Of drowsy fields and dreaming wells, 44 And weary labour's folded wing, Of frugal mirth round festal fires, Brief trysts that youth and beauty keep. Of flowering roofs and fragrant byres White heifers gathered in for sleep, Old songs the wandering women sing. Temple-bells Temple-bells! Whose urgent voices wreck the skyl In your importunate music dwells Man's sad and immemorial cry That cleaves the dawn with wings of praise, That cleaves the dark with wings of prayer, Craves pity for our mortal ways, Seeks solace for our life's despair.

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And peace for suffering hearts that die! Pain-weary and dream-worn I lie awake. Counting like beads the blazing stars o'erhead; Round me the wind-stirred champak branches shake Blossoms that fall and break In perfumed rain across my lonely bed. Long ere the sun's first far-off beacons shine, Or her prophetic clarions call afar. The gorgeous planets wither and decline, Save in its eastern shrine, Unquenched, unchallenged, the proud morning star.

Before whose gaze thy golden fires grow dim! I will leaven it with my tears and knead The bread of Hope to comfort and to feed The myriad hearts for whom no harvests blow Save bitter herbs of woe. Tho' in the flame of sorrow you have thrust My flowering soul and trod it into dust, Behold, it doth reblossom like a grove To shelter under quickening boughs of Love The myriad souls for whom no gardens bloom Save bitter buds of doom. Shall not some ultimate And unknown hour deliver thee, and attest Life's urgent and inviolable claim To bind and consecrate Thy glory on some pure and bridal breast.

Or set thee to enhance with flawless flame A new-born nation's coronal of fame? Fain would my love transmute My suffering into music and my heart Into a deathless lutel How shall I cherish thee, O precious pain? Fain would my trembling hand Fashion and forge of thee a deathless sword To serve my stricken land!

And thou, sweet sorrow, terrible and dear, Most bitter and divine? O I will carve thee with deep agony Into a deathless shrine!

O mystic mother of all sacrifice, We deck the sombre altars of thy shrine With sacred basil leaves and safifron rice ; All gifts of life and death we bring to thee, Uma Haimavati! Maidens: We bring thee buds and berries from the wood! Brides: We bring the rapture of our bridal prayer! Mothers: And we the sweet travail of mother- hood! All Voices: All gladness and all grief we bring to thee, Ambika!

Artisans: We bring the lowly tribute of our toil I Peasants: We bring our new-born goats and budded wheat! Victors: And we the swords and symbols of our spoil! Vanquished: And we the shame and sorrow of defeat! All Voices: All triumph and all tears we bring to thee, Giri'ja! Priests: We bring the treasures of our ageless creeds. Poets: And we the subtle music of our hearts. All Voices: All glory and all grace we bring to thee, Kali! The night is aflush with a dream of the morrow, Why still dost thou sleep in thy bondage of sorrow? Awaken and sever the woes that enthral us.

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And hallow our hands for the triumphs that call us! Are we not thine, O Belov'd, to inherit The manifold pride and power of thy spirit? Ne'er shall we fail thee, forsake thee or falter, Whose hearts are thy home and thy shield and thine altar. Lol we would thrill the high stars with thy story. And set thee again in the forefront of glory. Parsis: Mother! Mussulmans: Mother! Christians: Mother! All Creeds: Shall not our dauntless devotion avail thee? O queen and O goddess, we hail thee! And calls through the dawn and the daytime For flower-like and fleet-footed maidens like you, To share in the joy of its play-time.

O'er hill-side and valley, through garden and grove, Such exquisite anthems are ringing Where rapturous bulbul and maina and dove Their carols of welcome are singing. I know where the ivory lilies unfold In brooklets half-hidden in sedges. And the air is aglow with the blossoming gold Of thickets and hollows and hedges. The earth is ashine like a humming-bird's wing. And the sky like a kingfisher's feather, O come, let us go and play with the spring Like glad-hearted children together. I cannot run to greet Your coming as I did of old, Clad in a shining veil of gold, With champa-buds and blowing wheat And silver anklets on my feet.

Let others tread the flowering ways And pluck new leaves to bind their brows, And swing beneath the quickening boughs A bloom with scented spikes and sprays Of coral and of chrysoprase. But if against this sheltering wall I lean to rest and lag behind, Think not my love untrue, unkind, Or heedless of the luring call To your enchanting festival.

I am not false to you — Only my weary heart of late Has fallen from its high estate Of laughter and has lost the clue To all the vernal joy it knew. There was a song I used to sing — But now I seek in vain, in vain For the old lilting glad refrain- 1 have forgotten everything — Forgive me, O my comrade Spring! Even the magic spring Shall ne'er awake thee to life again, Tho' March woods glimmer with opal rain And passionate koels sing. The seemuls burgeoned in crimson pride, The palm-groves shone with the oriole's wing, The koels began to sing, And soft clouds broke in a twinkling tide.

My heart leapt up in its grave and cried, "Is it the spring, the spring? O I am tired of strife and song and festivals and fame, And long to fly where cassia-woods are breaking into flame. Love, come with me where koels call from flowering glade and glen, Far from the toil and weariness, the praise and prayers of men. And bathe in water-lily pools where golden panthers drink! You and I together.

Love, in the deep blossoming woods Engirt with low-voiced silences and gleaming solitudes, Companions of the lustrous dawn, gay comrades of the night. Like Krishna and like Radhika, encompassed with delight. Here shall my soul find its true repose Under a sunset sky of dreams Diaphanous, amber and rose.

The air is aglow with the glint and whirl Of swift wild wings in their homeward flight. Sapphire, emerald, topaz, and pearl, Afloat in the evening light. A brown quail cries from the tamarisk bushes A bulbul calls from the cassia-plume, And thro' the wet earth the gentian pushes Her spikes of silvery bloom. An ox-cart stumbles upon the rocks, And a wistful music pursues the breeze From a shepherd's pipe as he gathers his flocks Under the pipal-trees. And a young Banjara driving her cattle Lifts up her voice as she glitters by In an ancient ballad of love and battle Set to the beat of a mystic tune, And the faint stars gleam in the eastern sky To herald a rising moon.

In bright fields and garden closes How they burgeon and unfold! How they sweep o'er tombs and towers In voluptuous crimson showers And untrammelled tides of gold! How they lure wild bees to capture All the rich mellifluous rapture Of their magical perfume, And to passing winds surrender And their frail and dazzling splendour Rivalling your turban-plume!

How they cleave the air adorning The high rivers of the morning 68 In a blithe, bejewelled fleet! How they deck the moonlit grasses In thick rainbow tinted masses Like a fair queen's bridal sheetl Hide me in a shrine of roses, Drown me in a wine of roses Drawn from every fragrant grovel Bind me on a pyre of roses. Burn me in a fire of roses, Crown me with the rose of Love! Of all gracious gifts and tender She hath given no gift diviner Than your silver tears of sorrow For my wild heart's suffering.

Many evils Time hath wrought me, Happiness and health hath broken. Of all joy or grief for token He hath left no gift diviner Than your silver tears of Sorrow For my wild heart's suffering. Idly you pressed it to indifferent lips, Idly you tore its crimson leaves apart,. You held a wine-cup in your finger-tips. Lightly you raised it to indifferent lips, Lightly you drank and flung away the bowl Alas! Who cares if a ruined blossom die, O bright blue wandering dragon-fly? Love came, with his ivory flute, His pleading eye, and his winged foot. Who cares if a woman's heart be broken?

If your glowing foot be prest O'er the secrets of my breast, Love, my dreaming head would wake, And its joyous fancies break Into lyric bloom To enchant the passing world With melodious leaves unfurled And their wild perfume. Deep in a lonely garden on the hill Among the fallen leaves A shadow lost in shadows, vague and chill, A wandering spirit grieves, Beating its pallid breast and making moan O let my Death atone! Round the sadness of my nights Breaks a carnival of lights. But amid the gleaming pageant Of life's gay and dancing crowd Glides my cold heart like a spectre In a rose-encircled shroud.

Love, beyond these lonely years Lies there still a shrine of tears, 78 A dim sanctuary of sorrow Where my grieving heart may rest, And on some deep tide of slumber Reach the comfort of your breast? My heart unseared, unstricken, Drinks deep thy fervid rain, My spirit-seeds to quicken. Welcome, O tranquil Death! Thou hast no ills to grieve me, Who cam'st with Freedom's breath From sorrow to retrieve me.

Open, O vast unknown. Thy sealed mysterious portals!